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Whispers from the Sands

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After messing up with a xenan brew for Grodov's Burden i realized mono Time is just better and decided to add some of the new Behemoths of Tehra cards into another deck i was woking on. Well what i can say, im on the 26th successful run and keep going undefeated.
All cards not only work very well indipendently they also exploit the AI trade patterns and you will handle every matchup easly:
Desert Alchemist and Field Medic are best ambush units and can copletely rekt the AI vs tall and wide enemy boards.
Forget and Telekinetic Shackles are there to help trade your units effectively until you ramp to 6 mana.
Dinosaur Nest is just a solid 2 power drop because u either use the 1/1 to trade annoying aggro decks or let them scale until they become 3/3 in both cases is a win/win, without mentioning that if u play 2 Nests in a row is guaranteed victory so give this card max priority over the other 2 power drop.
Alhed Ascending is lowkey an mvp for monoTime decks so he must be included without the trace of a doubt and Trail Maker, Time Symbol and Worldbearer Behemoth just make the process of reaching 8 influence easy as a sunday walk.
Sandstorm Titan does this card even need an explanation?
Moonstone Vanguard is kinda utility slot because the pledge helps not being power-screwed and its also a good 5/5 unit with versatile effect, always play it as sigil in 1st turn unless you have 4 power cards.
The last addition to this deck is Pincer Ant, i used to run Saddled Serasaur as killer card for Grodov combo but the contract 3 felt bit overwhelming while instead this new 3/4 body trade perfectly with most 3/3 annoying gauntlets units and the nightfall helps a bit with card draw.
Then there is the market access, i'm not sure about running 4x copies of Hive Delivery because there is already enough cards for market and at least Time Etchings and Auralian Merchant sinergize better with the ramp archetype.
Regarding the card in the market Infinite Hourglass is there to break stun effects, Sandstorm Scarf is a cheap Titan that can't be killed and its very valuable vs valkyrie deks since they insta Vanquish him.
Chronostorm is my least picked card from market but is there as utility tool since it act as counter for decks that goes out of control quickly with big units holding weapons and make you gain few more turns to set up your board or you can use it as sigil if the rng decided that you must be stuck at 3 mana, but this doesnt happen very often.
Hive Queen Uther when i seen this card i immediatly recognized his power and decided it to put it in the market instead of main deck because its not very big unit and its very situational but there were games that wouldn't be winnable if it wasn't for him so having access to him through market is always a better option if it happens to be one of those games where you really need him.
Finally the main win condition, the juicy Grodov's Burden, you generally want to proc the exalted effect and make a big 30/30 to end the game but had plenty games that i won without even needing it because this deck just rekt the enemy even before turn 6. Sometime instead i had to stall for few turns until a market card was drawn but patience is key when playing time decks.
I'm sure some improvement still can be done, hoping for some feedback and suggestions.
Enjoy the Gold farming


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Awakening [Set1095]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


January 31, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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Skungus Edited Eternal Version: 23.01.25
I made room for 4x Tending the Hive by cutting 1 alchemist, 2 shackles, and 1 medic. It's been super clutch to refill the hand and hit the powers on the critical early turns. I think you may want to try it out!
giaggiaraggian Edited Eternal Version: 23.01.25
That's a very good suggestion, im not sure about cutting the alchemist though because he's just op, i will try do some run playing only 3x copies cutting the shackles and one medic as u said and eventually update the deck if it feels smooth :)
giaggiaraggian Eternal Version: 23.01.25
well what can i say, it felt good in theory but after trying it i figured i was missing the cards cut and Tending the hive wasnt offering much in return, Shackels and ambush units are just too good to trade vs AI and the deck doesn't need much more card draw, also happened sometime i had to bottom some units that i would have rather drawn one turn afer the other. Might works for you but for me felt unnecessary add :/