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The Great Yeti Tribal

Throne Deck By
Team Honk


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So this my friends is the best deck of all time. Now that I got that out of the way, let me introduce myself. I am Bikespokes, a 3 time top 100 player and monthly Master League player until I got bored and waited for a new set. NOW THAT THE NEW SET IS HERE.... I have a lot of work to do. This deck seems to be one of the most solid that I could come up with.

Let us go through the decklist shall we?

Lets begin with the 1 drops - Every 1 drop in this deck serves a specific purpose and should be used to serve that purpose.
Oni Ronin - being one of the best 1 drops in the game is in this deck for obvious reasons, it is an aggressive and powerful early game unit.
Pyroknight - Not only a powerful 1 drop unit but also a great mid to late game aggressor that can give out the extra reach you need to push damage to victory!
Snowcrust Yeti - It's a yeti which makes it an obvious card to be placed in this deck but it also serves a special purpose. The aegis effect allows for a larger early game board state against control decks, no longer will your 1 drop always be killed by Vara's Favor, this man has the answers to your prayers.
Onto the 2 drops. The 2 drops in this deck are all very important tempo and curve benching cards.
Champion of Fury - In my opinion this is the strongest card in the deck as it has a very fast early game but can also be used mid to late game to defeat your opponent unexpectedly.
Lightning Strike - Yes for an agro deck this card seems a bit weird to run HOWEVER it is actually incredibly strong at destroying both weapons and flying units think of it as the vanquish to blue red.
Rakano Outlaw - a very strong 2 drop that is really well equipped to defeat blockers when paired with burn spells
Rockslide - This spell has blown me away at how much value it can achieve, not only can you kill 2 units with 1 life, lets name a few (Dawnwalker, Initiate of the Sands, Oni Ronin, Grenadin Drone, Temple Scribe, in rare occasions, Champion of Glory) and also it has the option of killing 1 unit with 2 life (2 Life units that serve a purpose), and it feels like you aren't losing the value like you do with something like Torch. Not only all of this is apparent but it also pairs with Rakano outlaw and ITS A FAST SPELL!
Yeti Snowchucker - Not too sure how good this card really is but with Wump and the Warcry effects this unit can be a powerhouse in the right circumstances.
3 Drops are where the heart and soul of this deck thrive. Almost all the 3 drops serve the purpose of taking your board from 1 to 100 or help gain value if you are falling behind.
Crafty Yeti - Say no to mana flooding!
Vadius, Clan Father - This card is absolutely disgusting. Think of Rakano outlaw with aegis. Sounds nuts right? Well here you go!
Wump - Must I explain myself for this one?
And everyone else of course.
Furnace Mage - The one of will save your life. Trust me, it does.
Obliterate - A fantastic mid to late game tempo/board clear card but can also serve the purpose of burning your opponent in the face!
Scouting party - When paired with Wump, this card is incredible, not only that but it refuels your hand to push a second wave of pressure. A phenomenal finisher to say the least.

Mulligans - Keep it if you got 2 mana and 2 1 drops in your hand, it most often is worth it, Never keep 1 mana hands and nothing over 4 mana hands, judge the value of the hand if you have a 4,5,6 drop in it, see if it's worth keeping anyway otherwise you probably want to scrap it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this guide and enjoy this decklist, I know I will!
Please +1 if you enjoyed, I want everyone to know the name YETI TRIBAL!


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July 29, 2017

July 27, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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TheDemko Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I've been trying to find a way to fit Calderan Gunsmith into this build. So far, I've tried swapping them out for the Vadius, and then switched up the Snowchuckers to Snowslingers, as Wump and/or Gunsmith both allow infiltrate to trigger. It also allows you to switch gears to defense, if needed, to get those last few points through. What do you think?
Bikespokes Eternal Version: 1.22.4
You make some great points! I would say that snow slinger is good the only issue I find with its infiltrate is that the snowball doesn't hold much value, snowchuckers have the potential of dealing more damage overall and have a guarantee 1 damage if the attack. As for gunsmith, it definitely can do good at triggering infiltrate, though the body is weak and it plays on a reverse curve of playing 6 drop into 5 drop which can not only lose you tempo but also is just slow for an agro deck in general. I would say give it a shot! definitely play around with the list till you find what suits your play style, this is just a good starting point so have fun with it!