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Draft 010 4-3

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1st picked Xenan Initiation. 2nd picked Adaptive Predator. Primal and Time were dry, but Justice seemed open. A late Valkyrie Denouncer moved me into Argentport.

G1: Solid opener. I curved. My opponent didn’t play anything until Copperhall Recruit. I Executed it after attacking safely into it since it left me with 4 units to his 0. He played Renegade Valkyrie and Icebow killing one unit. When I attacked with everything, he blocked one and Eilyn’s Choiced another, but I had Finest Hour for lethal.
G2: Mulliganed into 2 Shadow sigils. Fortunately topdecked Combrei Banner. He played Hearty Stranger into Yeti Snowchucker into a stranger. I played Longshot Marksman into Xenan Destroyer, which ate his yeti. He played Savage Stranger. I countered with Shadowlands Bonepicker. He attacked with Savage Stranger, which surprised me but meant he really wanted the bonepicker dead. I let it through and counterattacked with Shadowlands Bonepicker. He double blocked, which allowed a 2 for 1 for Finest Hour. I Executed the Savage Stranger. He took a lot of damage until he Dark Returned Savage Stranger, but Valkyrie Wings finished him.
G3: I was on the play with Lethrai Ranger, but my opponent managed to have a two drop and Extract. He elected not to block Auric Bully with his Longshot Marksman for several. Streetwise Informant and Copperhall Cudgel added inevitability; yet, still no blocks. Eventually he played two weapons onto Longshot Marksman and started attacking. I Executed it on my turn and played Xenan Initiation on my Streetwise Informant for lethal.
G4: Good opener. Ate his Yeti Snowchucker with my Brightmace Paladin. Fortunately, his Ageless Mentor created a 7/5 and 9/9, both with overwhelm. 2 Predator’s Instincts destroyed my largest units, which forced me to lose my whole board to kill his biggest 2 units. He followed up with another 7/7 so I conceded.
G5: Good opener. Traded favorably at first, but Reliquary Raider and Predator’s Instinct turned it around. Eventually found an Execute, but he was already ahead. Morningstar on his Alluring Wisp became a fast clock. After 3 turns of taking hits and passing it back, I decided to start racing. Turns out his ground defense was fairly poor. We both kept trading, but I was slightly ahead in the race. One turn before he could kill me, I attacked with 3 units into his 2 units and played Strength of the Many for lethal.
G6: Got stuck on 2 power for 3-4 turns. At least I had 4 two drops. But still took tons of damage. Every time I looked like I was going to stabilize, my flying blockers became stunned.
G7: Good opener. But had 2 Shadowlands Bonepicker and no Time influence. Fell behind on the board. His Xenan Obelisk sealed it. Not sure if Time would have helped.

Overall, deck performed as well as could be expected. Defended better against fliers this time. Helps to have large ground units to race them.


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1 2 2

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3 8 9 2

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18 10 1

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19 3 5 0 18


October 6, 2017

October 1, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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