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The Peril Pit (Sponsored by Aali) [Masters]

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First off, credit where it's due, the core of this deck was taken from Nido7's decklist (Top 16) from the March ECQ. Some tweaks were made according to taste.

One odd thing that will stick out quickly is the lack of market. In short, I don't think the deck needs it. There aren't as many tech options at 5 without a third color, and playing Crack the Earth can be awkward considering all the relic-based ramp this deck runs that you really want to get out on 2. And late-game the cultist is pretty useless.

Aali, Champion of Kodosh really stands out in this deck, she's a 5/5 for 3 that silences most of the time and often actually activates her flying.

Qirin Ascendant is here primarily as tech against other TJ/X control decks that also run lots of relic-based ramp, but is also useful for popping Spellbound Vestiges and the occasional Shrine to Karvet. At least two of them feel mandatory without a market. If you wanna be spicy you could just maindeck a couple Disjunctions or Unmakes instead.

Edict of Kodosh is here because this is a control deck which needs the help against the glut of Corrupted units and Fire Aggro. It's very rarely a dead card in the current meta.

Beyond those inclusions, most of the cards in here are the sort of stuff you'd find in any TJ/X relic-heavy control deck. Mulligan aggressively for early ramp, play Perilous Research as aggressively as possible to lower your top-end's power requirements as early as possible, and occasionally draw 5 cards and play 5 3/3s with one card, which is okay I guess.


Updated to the version I reached Masters with in June. Likely the final version considering the next set is approaching.

The biggest changes are:

- The re-addition of Crack the Earth for a market
- Grodov's Stranger replacing the now-nerfed Nahid's Distillation
- The addition of Gentle Grazer, who can block and fetch your ramp/other small relics, and
- The addition of one-ofs Infinite Hourglass and Sandstorm Scarf, a pair of Gentle Grazer-fetchable relics which cover for two major weaknesses of this deck: fliers and the fact that the worms Pit of Lenekta makes start out exhausted.

The Scarf in particular has proven to work miracles, if you can find it it substantially improves your usually poor matchup against Skycrag Dragons and Red Aggro decks that use Thunder of Wings.

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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
19 14 8

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8 15 15 25

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14 24 17 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


June 15, 2020

April 17, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Revisions (Since last major patch) June 15, 2020



r3as0n Eternal Version: 20.05.04
You've put the Crack back in? Just played you on practice and you had Cracks + Market.
JTJag Eternal Version: 20.06.02
I have, and here's the updated version.
htraos Edited Eternal Version: 1.51.7
Looks good. A few questions:

- Have you considered Citywide Ban? If there was ever a control deck that wanted this card, it's this one.
- You're playing 2x Avigraft, would four copies be too much? I guess it's bad in this dragon/new Icaria/Eremot meta
- Is 3x Pit of Lenekta a must? How often is this the win condition?
Cocobean Eternal Version: 1.51.6
Was getting influence screwed a lot, so cut a Pit and a Power Stone for 2 Seek Power. I would like to fit a whole set but I'm not sure what else to cut.
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.51.6
Wild that you're getting influence screwed considering it's just two-color.
Gregorious Eternal Version: 1.51.6
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.51.6
It'd obviously be in if this deck ran a market, but without one I'm not sure what I'd cut. The Swords maybe?