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Alright guys it's the dirty Rakano main YPT here with, what appears to be, an even faster and slightly blue rakano style deck: skycraggro, which I am grateful to my good friend and teammate kcbandit for showing me.

So initially when I looked at the new set 2 cards for skycrag, it's very easy to see that the intention was to be a spell heavy deck that plays around the Calderan Cradle. However, there is another way, which we have here.

I'm sure noone needs any explanation for Flame Blast, Oni Ronin, Torch, Kaleb's Favor, Rakano Outlaw or Soulfire Drake as these are staple cards from the Rakano style just transfered over so let's just look at the new cards.

Permafrost is there to help your units get through blockers, remember we're an aggro deck and running quite a few small units, like Pyroknight which offers some late game insurance with her ulti and the new card Snowcrust Yeti which is a super nice card for a 1 drop. Champion of Fury has easily become mine and some other aggro players' favourite champion as a potential 4/2 charge overwhelm unit for 2 power is really strong. Rockslide has been a lot more impressive for me than I expected as it's really good for clearing away early units like Temple Scribe and can also deal with 2 health units as well. Vadius, Clan Father is a nice new card, 3/2 aegis quickdraw is pretty solid stats for a 3 drop, the ulti however I am not too keen on and haven't ever used in games with this deck so far as most of the time the enemy is already dead by 7 power. Mortar is a really nice removal card and also a potential finisher without access to Flame Blast.

All in all, having played this deck for a while, I'd say it's potentially even faster and more consistent than Stonescar Burn, which before Set 2 dropped was the fastest deck. I think this deck is strong for climbing and also relatively cheap with only Vadius and Soulfire Drake taking up the expensive legendary crafting slots.

I hope you have fun with this deck if you try it out, I've been climbing pretty hard with it so maybe you guys can too.



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July 28, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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