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Green Roaches

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This deck was inspired by the dark roach lists that are floating around. Dark roaches has Tick-Tock and Dark Return. Green Roaches has better answer to early game in the form of more early creatures and removal. While still having the inevitability of a ClockRoach deck.

I really like the changing out of Tick-Tock for Tranquil Scholar. Scholar is like a one time crown hit for an echo creature and it has a more relevant body. It makes not drawing an early crown more acceptable. Tick-Tock always felt like a win more card for me. It often felt like I needed Clockroaches for it to be good and if I had a Clockroaches I was likely to win. It trades better against aggro and has synergy with a larger amount of the deck.

Dark Return is good but it does get shut down by graveyard interaction and you don't always have a relevant card to bring back. In those slots we have Valkyrie Enforcer a good body with a silence and Harsh Rule. Most decks that run Harsh Rule run 4 for but this is not a pure control deck so drawing multiple can be awkward. You want as many Crown of Possibilities payoffs in the deck as you can get. You could sell me on running 3 but 4 is too many since it is not always great.

Unlike some other roach decks it runs Pteriaz Hatchling. Which is the worst echo creature I could see running 1 more creature (Sauropod or Valkyrie Enforcer) and 1 more spell (Vanquish, Harsh Rule, or Wisdom of the Elders) in the slot. What makes Hatching good is the flying. If you are running into a lot of Sandstorm Titan then remove it. Talking about echo creatures, I would not go to a full 4 Thunderstrike Dragons. They are 3 primal and 6 power you will not hit that on turn 6 every game and you are already favored in the long game.

The play style is very similar to other Clockroach decks but if you have any questions please let me know.


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October 15, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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