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Praxis Hybrid

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Praxis Hybrid, been fairly successful in my recent games with it, but that is at lower ranks (just started playing again). Essentially you're trying to keep some early/mid game pressure and Scout into some like Heart of the Vault.

Lets go over some cards here:

Ghar, Master Sandmage is pretty damn strong. Worst case he's a 1 drop 2/1 with a solid upside. Mid -> Late game his Shift is also pretty strong and can give an unblockable little guy if your opponent is low.

Pummel Pummel works very well with cards such as Clodagh, Loyal Advisor, it's also a solid combat trick against aggro and midrange decks.

Torch No reason needed. Lightning Bolt is in Standard again ;).

Clodagh, Loyal Advisor Worst case scenario a 2 drop 2/2 Quickdraw. Works well with the amount of scout we're using already to manipulate the top card of the deck.

Devotee of the Sands A mana dork that is less likely to die @ 2. Solid blocker as well. Very good card.

Displaced Oryctodon Scout 2 drop 2/2, good early, good mid game, mediocre late game but not useless.

Scale Seeker One of your win conditions, Scouting for Clodagh, Loyal Advisor and such while getting up to a 5/5 Dragon, combine him with Coverfire Marksman and it can be terrifying if they don't have removal.

Seek Answers I really like this card. If you're desperate for mana you can search it up, and it's not a dead draw late game. So many non power cards are extremely useful in this deck.

Coverfire Marksman Extremely strong imo. You can honestly slap this bad boy on most stuff in this deck and it will work, maybe not effectively but it will work. A 3 drop 2/2 DD is also not awful.

East Annex Smuggler Solid merchant, not ridiculous but pretty solid.

Journeyman Armorer Works well with Coverfire Marksman to up the damage on either him or his shifted target. You can warp her out as well if needed.

Magus of Celerity 3 drop 3/3 with a solid upside and another upside in the Scout ability. Bonkers card especially in this deck.

Trickster Mage Fantastic card that works pretty well in this deck, making cards like Ghar, Master Sandmage a 4 Shift is bonkers.

------ Market ------

Glimpse the Possibilities I didn't really do any testing, but with all the aggro running rampant at the start of a new season, I felt like I'd never have time to play this. This is basically an end game finisher/desperation move.

Xenan Obelisk Breaks stalemates, overall solid card to grab. Could consider running some mainboard.

Sandstorm Titan Another card I want to run main board, really good with Coverfire Marksman as well. Going to do some testing before giving a definitive answer on him.

Shatterglass Mage Gives relic removal if needed on a body. Solid overall.

Passage of Eons I always run this card in the market when running a Time deck, has never proved useless.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
19 18 12

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Deck Rarities
19 23 15 10

Card Types
41 1 13 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


May 13, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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