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Big Rears No Tears

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I don't exactly know how to categorize this deck nicely, so let's call it a synergy -based midrange deck.

The core of the deck is Yisha, the Equaliser. The deck is pretty competent at defending itself with cheap, high-health units (hence the name of the deck), which with Yisha flip the gameplan into understatted monsters.

The Units

Hojan, the Crownbreaker - gains some life, applies some pressure, sometimes ramps, soaks up removal. Can get free wins with a weapon if your opponent can't answer it early, and will sometimes eat an early Permafrost, making Linebreaker's Shield give you even more value.

Siraf, Grand Strategist - Early roadblock for aggro, and win condition once Yisha hits the field. A 2-cost 0/5 that demands a wrath from control decks feels good too. Depending on the situation, both Linebreaker's Shield and Copperhall Bracers are exceptional on an early Siraf, the latter twisting into 5-power units as early as turn 4.

Horde Plunderer - mostly a stat stick post-Yisha. This is the other unit that can lead to early blowouts with either weapon, can stave off a little bit of aggro, and smooths out the spellcraft plays to boot. Probably the weakest unit in the deck, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

Larai, the Appraiser - being able to block Sandstorm Titan (and even bigger threats with Linebreaker's Shield) is key. The passive is a small bonus, mostly bricking Auric Runehammers. The main reason to run this is for a 3-cost 6/6 that fetches both Staff of Stories and Auric Runehammer.

Rime Conclave Smuggler - Nothing that needs 3+1ing, pulls from both factions, the best stats out of the three options, and a 3/3 when equalized. Easy.

Yisha, the Equalizer - the core of the deck, shifting the deck into full midrange mode while covering the weaknesses of your two relic weapons. The deck isn't entirely reliable on her - there are plenty of other ways to win, but without the equality buff you're looking more at hiding behind large-health units and outgrinding value.

Amilli, Cloudmarshal - Another game-ender. I've been doubtful about a full set, the main reason being the cost and vulnerability to Vanquish/Pristine Light, but some of the weaker units could probably be more of him.

Sodi, Wingbreaker - Still an insane value engine. Draws cards, kills problems, roadblocks aggro, dodges Vanquish. Equalizing into a 6/6 is pretty good too, like a primal HotV.


Linebreaker's Shield - early on, it allows the defensive units to chip in damage while eating aggro units. Later on, it has a huge impact on combat (both offensively and defensively), replaces itself, and with Yisha turns the next Staff of Stories into a 6/6. Possibly the most important card besides Hailstorm for turning the game around against aggro.

Copperhall Bracers - this will often catch opponents off-guard in the early turns, and is strong enough to help fend off other midrange decks. It sort of replaces itself through the ramp effect; coming in undepleted is actually really important, and allows chaining plays that can, in some cases, put you up a whole turn. If you can get Yisha to stick, the +4/+4 is tough even for midrange decks to climb over.

Auric Runehammer - some standard removal, but with a little more synergy. Larai fetches hammers on demand, Yisha adds an extra 3 armor which covers its main weakness, and Copperhall Bracers can give it an extra hit.

Staff of Stories - This is a value engine where Sodi won't work well, such as against control and stalled-out midrange decks. With Yisha, it doubles as removal, and off the back of a Linebreaker's Shield can become a 6/6 or even 8/8 relic weapon. In normal situations this isn't a great draw, hence the one-of, but having it as a free option from Larai matters for those matchups.


Shard of the Spire - Yisha will die a lot. This isn't as strong, but will still hold up the main game plan while sitting safe behind the smuggler's aegis.

Royal Decree - The one you all know and hate. There's so many blowouts and game-winning bombs in Ranked right now that a pre-emptive solution like this is almost mandatory.

Harsh Rule - Not all games go to plan, and even midrange sometimes needs to wipe the slate and rebuild their board position from scratch.

Unseal - This is a flex slot. I used to run Omen of Austerity here, but with Svetya's Sanctum being the only real target and the deck struggling to break face aegis, I've been looking for other options. Cleansing Rain and Palace are probably good choices too.

Emblem of Linrei - obligatory market power, with the bonus of sometimes being a 3/3 aegis.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
19 19 12

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Deck Rarities
13 11 25 24

Card Types
29 16 9 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


October 16, 2019

September 24, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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Revisions (Since last major patch) October 16, 2019


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