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Tempo list I've been doing very well with on ladder. Svetya does wonders for making this type of deck viable. Win by playing cheap threats and interaction to apply constant pressure. You want to be damaging them every turn if possible, but it doesn't have to be for a lot. It's generally more important to keep them on the back foot than to maximize damage per turn. It's ok to hold up tricks or play your units inefficiently if it means they can't easily deal with your board. For example a lot of the time it's better to play Crownwatch Paladin over Unseen Commando so you have something that'll survive a boardwipe.

Amilli, Cloud Marshal and Jotun Feast-Caller are the top end. Amilli is a more aggressive option so I like it maindeck. It's also a great blocker and it lets you turn the corner against more aggressive decks a lot faster.

Feast-Caller is great in this deck too though. By time he comes down they should be pretty thin on answers from dealing with all your early aggression, and between your warcries, combat tricks and removal it's pretty common to have him survive an attack. Then you can just suicide him for two more draws and still be up in cards. A lot of the time they'll just deal with him immediately, but they usually spend a turn doing so, which means they aren't dealing with the rest of your board. Between him and Svetya's activated ability you have a pretty decent lategame - you just never run out of cards. I'd side it in against slower decks.

Levitate is also great here. The cycle is really nice in a deck like this, and a getting in one extra attack with Crownwatch Paladin or Jotun Feast-Caller is great for keeping up the pressure. It pops aegis, which is great for because of the somewhat limited removal suit, and you can hold up fast spells and play Levitate if you don't need them. I run 4 because it's really important to use power efficiently and it's almost never not useful.

Mirror Image synergizes with most of the units and you can do some really powerful stuff with it. For example you can copy a Jotun Feast-Caller that's already attacked to copy the incremented attack ability. Or you can copy Shelterwing Rider who's aegis they popped to get a fresh 5/5. Or you can copy Svetya, Orene of Kosul to get the summon effect again (getting it two turns in a row can straight win you the game against removal decks). You can also copy Unseen Commando to get a bunch of buffs and/or life. Of course copying a warcry buffed unit or Valkyrie Enforcer is also strong. Basically the only unit you don't want to use it on is Crownwatch Paladin, but even that can be good in the right situation. However it's dead if you don't have a unit, and even when you do a lot of the times copying it won't do you any good. So I'd say two is the right amount. I could see going up to three but I really don't know what you'd cut for it. I wouldn't run less than two though, it's a great tool to have and it's won me a lot of games.

I think everything else should be pretty self explanatory, but if anyone wants me to expand on anything let me know in the comments.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 22, 2018

May 19, 2018


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Repulsion Eternal Version: 1.31.6
I don't have access to Amilli, unfortunately.

I actually switched to TJP, which I'm thinking is more powerful. This kind of list, in the current format, screams "PLAY Stand Together". The mana base isn't really that clunky, and also having access to equivocate is great for what the deck is trying to do.

Also, I upped Mirror Image to 3x - It's 80% of the time incredible.
goldstarbrother Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Yeah TJP is probably a (mostly) better version of this deck. The advantage of Hooru is it's easy to run Amilli and/or Feast-Caller, and the power is a little smoother. TJP is a lot less tempo oriented as well, it's more about building up a big valuable board than outpacing your opponent, but they still play pretty similar. I mostly went Hooru for this one because I really like Hooru and wanted to play Feast-Caller (and later Amilli).
Repulsion Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Trying this list out!
goldstarbrother Edited Eternal Version: 1.31.6
Great! It might be worth switching Feast-Caller for Amilli, been trying that out and it seems decent. You'd also have to swap a Monument and a Primal Sigil for two Justice Sigils. Feast-Caller is really good too though, I don't know which is better. But I do think you want one or the other, not both.