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Feln Reanimator Post Market Nerf (4 GaS/1 Reread/Omen)

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Update 22.03.2020: Currently this deck is good enough to get to diamond, not good enough to get to masters reasonably fast. The loss of markets ability to have banners/crests while having banners/crests in the deck has hit this deck very hard as it really wants and shines when you have 3/3 blue black influence on turn 4 and was built to make this happen as often as possible. Overall I can say I am very dissapointed with market change and will probably take a break from this game.

Here is the list I use so far after the unfortunate news of DWD nerfing the merchants. (Grasp=Grasping at Shadows)

I decided not to wait for the 10th and try the updated merchant rules now.

I use 4 grasps in the maindeck. I don't like the idea of relying on only 1 grasp or grasp plus maindeck rereads.
In my experience more grasps are just better.

I don't like Blight Pass Smuggler in this deck. I think it is useless. Jennev needs double removal and thus is reliable with Royal Decree. (See more on that in Issues with this deck section)

I use Reread in the market and thus I don't care if I discard a grasp. It is just delayed one turn if you merchant plus reread discarded grasp on turn 5. Also with reread in the market I can recast grasp or cast/recast any other useful spell in the void.

Rindra-s choice - self explanatory.

I use royal decree because I really like it and it has synergy with felrauks and sabotages. Depending on what I see I may switch it withh feeding time in the future.

I use Celestial Omen to fetch Grasps, Varas and Scourges if all else fails.

I think having feln banner is important in the market because achieving 3/3 black/blue influence fast is really really helpful with this deck and also because I am not stuck with 3 power and no more powersources when I have merchants.

I use Scourges because mass removal (even Combrei has annoying shanra speaks thingy now) is so popular even though they do not have synergy with Vara. I often hardcast a Second scourge at 10 mana after the silence my first one.

I only use 3 Azindels Revealed because usually this is enough and I don't like to in my deck 4 copies of the card that I can't hardcast.

I use 3 Scourges because I like to have choice whether I want to cast Vara or Scourge from the Void and because they are another high impact unit that is fairly often a very strong play on turn 5 as many decks rely on spells a lot. Also because they are cool.

Sporefolks and contracts help to deal with the fact that we only have 4 grasps. It is now ok to have grasps in the void, we can cast it from the void like everything else.

Issues with this deck:
- No relic removal. You'll have to get by with sabotages and royal decree.
- Jennev Merchant doesn't work with Vara
- Loss of annihilate as a fast cheap removal.
If these 3 points keep becoming problems in your games you may want to switch to Blight Pass Smugglers who will give you Burglarize, Annihilate and who will not be ignored by Vara. They have useless berserk on them but hey they can block 3 attack units, that's something, I guess. If you just want hard removal and don't care for Royal Decree just use Feeding time instead of it.
- Loss of Kerendon merchants which are overall more useful than Gennev in my opinion. This loss is probably for good unless they revert the nerf as we need reread/omen in the market now.
- previous two points combined give this deck less removal potential.

Let me make myself clear. I do not support merchants nerf. I think consistency is not a bad thing for a deck with 75 cards. I hope DWD will revert the changes later (as they did with, say, Icaria).

It's possible that I will post updates about my experience with this version after I play more with it and/or thoughts about what to switch.

I would like to hear your ideas and suggestions.

Thank you for your attention.

Update: After it was pointed to me that non sigil power sources will also not work in the market if are used in the deck, I changed the banner to Aileen's favour.

Update: I switched to Blightpass smugglers from Jennev. The fact that they work with Vara is important and also you can take all cards that you have in the deck back out of the market if you put it there that is nice considering the fact that due to vara you often get to use merchants more. Also it allowed me to add burglarize that I find myself needing often as blue faction, sadly. does not have any monocolor relic removal.


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Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


March 22, 2020

March 8, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Jmal Eternal Version: 1.50.9
Isn't that banner main deck and blackmarket can't work ?
Mysticlights Eternal Version: 1.50.9
I re-read the DWD statement. This seems to be true. They don't even allow all power sources to be used now, only sigils.