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Draft 012 5-3

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1st picked Spirit Guide over Valkyrie Denouncer to stay monocolor and particularly rare draft. 2nd picked Purify over Roosting Owl and Victor’s Cry. Got passed 4 more Purifies… Overall, the removal was obviously absurd, but the units were undersized. I expected 2-3 wins total.

G1: Opened with 2 Purifies. Drew 2 more Purifies. However, my opponent dealt with my large units efficiently so I couldn’t get any 2 for 1s with the Purifies. So it came down to both of us topdecking. I drew the 6/5. He didn’t draw an answer.
G2: Slow opener for both of us. My 1/4 and 1/5 fliers kept the board stalled. He played two Twinbarrels on two 3/3 units. Both died to Purifies. So I was ahead the entire game, but just couldn’t muster much of a clock. Eventually my larger units traded for enough of his units that he ran out of gas.
G3: Mulliganed into a Shadow and Fire sigil. My entire hand was Time cards. I drew a Xenan Stranger on turn 5, but it was too late.
G4: Slow opener. Burned 2 cards to kill a Silverwing Familiar. Cannonbearers killed his Wandering Wisp twice. Roosting Owl into Prosecutor at Arms into Stalwart Shield drained all my resources to kill. So I died to the leftovers.
G5: Slow opener. Fortunately for both of us. My Amber Acolyte kept away his Champion of Fury. Then my Towertop Patrol stalled his forces. Eventually he traded a Pummel for my Amber Acolyte. I Purified his two units. He played Cobalt Acolyte, which died to my Cannonbearer. His Topaz Drake a turn later couldn’t race my Cannonbearer and Shatterglass Mage.
G6: My opponent was stuck at 4 power while I reached 11 power (2 from Amber Acolyte). Surprisingly he managed to keep the ground stalled and dodged my Cannonbearer shenanigans. But he was unable to stop the Cannonbearer once I killed some of his smaller units.
G7: My opponent was stuck on 3 Justice. Two Outlands Brutes followed by a Cannonbearer to kill his Oathkeeper earned the concession.
G8: I was a moron and kept a two power hand because it had Hipshot and Purify. All my warp cards showed up to tell me how I was not going to draw a sigil 3 turns in a row.

Overall, the abundant fixing allowed me to keep all Fire or Time sigils hands that were otherwise great. Won at least 2 games due to that.


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2 2 1

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8 8 1

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22 5 1

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19 0 9 0 17


October 5, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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