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JTS Skills (7-1, draft)

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A fun draft making use of various skill synergies.
P1P1 Wurmcalling into P1P2 Fell Ritual put me solidly in Xenan. P1P3 I contemplated a stronger Justice card (I think it was Draw Strength, but decided to grab Seat of Mystery instead so I could actually play my first two picks... but I did end up jumping into the third color after all, with P1P4 Silverwing Familiar. From there, I also grabbed a Reinvigorate, which made me lean into cards with lots of battle skills.
Packs 2 and 3 brought more good stuff - Touch of Battle, Reborn Master, Felrauk's Infiltrator. I also picked up a few Entranced Cultist, which isn't a card I usually love... but in this deck, it actually worked pretty well - it turned on the Reborn Masters, got sacrificed to Devour, and was recurred by Eremot's Machinations.
P4P1 had more payoff in the form of Unseen Commando. Other than that, mostly just filling out the deck.

Overall, deck went pretty well. I was generally able to hit the ground early with a Reborn Master, and following up by buffing it with an Entranced Cultist was a very common play. Immortalize also carried a lot of weight here - rebuying units that were buffed by Precision Plunge or the Nihil Draconus from Fell Ritual was really strong. Lategame was also solid - Wurmcalling is a beating, as is Eremot's Machinations. Powerbase also ended up working way better than I would have expected - thankfully, although the deck was three colors, the requirements weren't too steep for most cards.

MVP: Reborn Master. Pumped a ton of units in the deck, while also providing an early aggressive body.


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June 7, 2020


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Shadow of the Spire

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