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Clickbait Top 10 Masters!

Throne Deck By
Team Not-Tavrod


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I don't typically do deck techs, but AP got me to masters in 4 days. Two days really with this iteration of the deck. And I just had to do the clickbait title cuz people do it all the time. Why not celebrate?

The deck is not hugely innovative, but it's an AP Kira Ascending list. There are 14 spells to use with Kira and Hojan, Crownbreaker. Hojan and Icaria, Valkyrie Captain are there for early ramp. I typically save them when I can protect them or, in Hojan's case, trigger the Renown. Silverblade Intrusion on Kira or Kiras is just stupid good.

Rolant, Iron Tyrant has been a beast. Vara, Vengeance-Seeker is Vara. She needs to be dealt with. Get Rolant and Vara on board and it can be lights out.

Sediti, the Killing Steel is almost an afterthought. If you get the curse, great. If not, you still have a giant flier.

In the earlier version of the deck, I had Svetya, Lightbringer main, two copies, but I found I almost never wanted it at 6 cost. I replaced Svetya, Merciful Orene with Lightbringer in the market, and for the better.

The key has been Backbreaker. We all know it's good. And it is fantastic here.

The market has three pieces of removal in Cast into Shadow, Master's Blade, and Pristine Light. Master's Blade has really outperformed. And Cast into Shadow is gas in the mirror. The MVP of the market is Kemmo's Blueprints. Added as an afterthought late last night, searching up a 7 strength Backbreaker can do wonders.

The matchups were pretty good overall. Xenan was tough, but certainly winnable. Hooru Kira decks were probably the most troublesome with the Aegis. Hooru control was usually laughably easy due to Backbreaker. Aggro, particularly SS, can be a problem, but they either have the removal or they don't for your early game.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
5 2

Power Sources
26 16 16

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Deck Rarities
8 19 25 22

Card Types
29 5 20 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]


October 4, 2020


Eternal Version

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eagleman Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Any update post-nerf? Anyway, I am using your list and got to gold after one day. Awesome. Thanks!
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 20.10.06
I know I responded a bit ago saying I hadn't tried the deck since the nerf. Over the last couple of days, I have taken it up again, and the nerf to Kira doesn't seem to have impacted the deck all that much. After playing other decks and drifting down the top 100 ranks, I'm currently in the 40s on this deck. So... it's still doing it's thing.
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Sweet! I have not tried it post nerf as I have been focusing on Expedition at the moment.
RumblerX Eternal Version: 20.09.03
What do you do vs. Restrained Action? Have you had any issues with it? I find it a bit hard to deal with. Even more so with 2 on boad.
marvin_the_imp Eternal Version: 20.09.03
I'm not sure that I ever faced one on my run with this, let alone two Restrained Action curses. So yeah, that would be hard to deal with against this deck.
Comment Deleted