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Sudden Death

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Most fun, yet consistent combo deck I've played in a while. Helped me reach Master in September, 2019. Original: JPS Aika Hero Scream Control OTK Reanimator - Men's Large. Only change I made is additional Hailstorm in main deck as well as market to deal with aggro decks, along with tweaking the power base.

The main combo: Hero of the People + Aika, Whirling Death from void using Haunting Scream = 28 damage.

Alternate combo: Aika, Whirling Death from void using Haunting Scream + Reinvigorate = 24 damage.

Savage Denial in market to deal with opponent's fast removal/negation spells. Bear Guard Bayonet in market to push damage through opponent's flying blockers.


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Influence Requirements
2 1 2 1

Power Sources
14 15 13 17

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Deck Rarities
9 42 17 4

Card Types
16 1 38 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]


September 15, 2019

September 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) September 15, 2019


N1RipOff Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Great deck, as a Hero of the People fan, i absolutely love the deck. Been trying several combos with her but this one seems the most consistent.
Made some changes thought. I have removed 4 reinvigorate for 2 savage denial main deck and 2 keredon Merchant because i often need a second Jennev to fetch Denial and Reinv was, most of the time, just an extra card in hand... and swapped Bring down for rindra's choice to have better options with Keredon.
N1RipOff Eternal Version: 1.46.10
In the end i kinda gave up one the alternate combo but that's just because i usually get the first one very often and quickly.
busta1441 Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Thanks to you and the original deck maker for this! I'm having a blast with it. I am relatively new player, so I don't have the stones to make the crests to scout, which really hurts my ability to find Aika quickly. It still works about half the time. I also subbed in a few wisdom of the elders to try and compensate for the lack of scout. I just had a really fun one, where it looked hopeless as opponent already had his combo going, and I lucked into 2 heros
mindthief666 Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Fun story: I had an opponent royal-decreed me after I pulled haunting scream from the marker to pull off the aika+revigorate combo, and they chose
to decree my hailstorm :)
busta1441 Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.10
I had someone silence my master cartographer in hand instead of Aika :)
thewamts Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Quick correction: If you attack before using Reinvigorate, it deals 28. Do not do this against J because it makes you vulnerable to defiance.

Also Bring Down in the market should be either Substitute, Permafrost or a discard outlet.
onnyyonn Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Yeah I didn't think of getting reckless before reinvigorate for extra 4 damage, but it was pointed out by setrack in comments.

Btw, if I have reinvigorate in hand, won't that make immune to defiance, as I'll get endurance?
thewamts Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Not if you play it in response to Defiance, no. It gets stunned mid-attack, then unstunned when it gains endurance, but the Attack's already stopped.
setrack Eternal Version: 1.46.10
I play a similar scream deck in TJP but more aggressive and less combo so I was keen to try out your deck. One thing you missed is Aika + Scream + Reinvigorate = 28 damage not 24 because you can Reinvigorate after the unit gets Reckless from Berserk and that's an extra 4 damage. Anyway fun deck thanks much :)
onnyyonn Eternal Version: 1.46.10
You're right! Why didn't I think of that! 😅
kranecu Eternal Version: 1.46.10
I played about a dozen games. Only twice was I able to do one of the combos and never did I have enough power to do the +5/+5. The first time, I did the combo, my opponent used a fast spell to kill Hero of the People before it even attacked. The second time, it wasn't enough damage for lethal and he killed Hero of the people on his turn. I lost every game. I really wanted to pull this off though.

Mostly, I just didn't have enough protection to survive much more than 5-7 turns.
onnyyonn Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Are you facing aggro decks mostly? Surviving enough turns before have all the combo pieces is definitely difficult against aggro. This is the reason I have increased hailstorm in the deck. Between chump blocking by cartographer and using removals, I am actually able to survive enough games.

Now to stop opponent from killing Hero, I either try to play the combo when they have no power left, or I have savage denial in hand. Also it's almost certain that hero won't survive another turn. So if the damage is not lethal (maybe because opponent had lifegain), I wait for some more pieces, like another haunting screaming or reinvigorate, if I can. I understand that it means having to wait more turns, and sometimes that's just not possible against aggro. But I have had games where the opponent was 40 health from Hojan and I could end the game in one turn with Aika + 2 reinvigorates. +5/+5 on Aika is not necessary though. It's too costly to be useful in majority of the games.

I wish you had more luck with this combo. It's fun when it works, and luckily it works more often than not for me.
wladik25 Eternal Version: 1.46.10
only problem I have is getting aika in the first 20 cards to discard and play with it
wladik25 Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Iam usually dead after shuffling 20 cards into my void
onnyyonn Eternal Version: 1.46.10
There were definitely some games where I couldn't find Aika in time. But in my experience those games are few and far between. Your experience may differ though. Because variance.
wladik25 Eternal Version: 1.46.10
well it started off good with 5/1... the next games ended up in a 1/9 (mostly because of the same reason)
Pallazzo Eternal Version: 1.46.10
One of most funny combo I have experienced in this game, grats for the great idea.
I've added one Honor the Fallen for the 1G removal to add an extra push in case 1 Aika attack isn't decisive.
onnyyonn Eternal Version: 1.46.10
I am glad you liked it. Not my original idea though.
Quitschi Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Ohh, so that's how you use aika, you never player her from hand at all!
So I ran it for a bit and it didn't seem too consistent so far, went 5-8. I think harsh rule would be a nice inclusion.
onnyyonn Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Yeah performance may vary depending on which deck you are facing mostly. Feel free to experiment with harsh rule.