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Pauper Uprising: Xenan Sacrifice

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Team Not-Tavrod


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This deck is a theory craft for the upcoming Pauper event with a special market rule. The sideboard includes some alternatives of different rarities to the legendary filled "optimal" market (with no perfect testing being possible I cant guarantee yet that the market and the deck in general are optimal). It is build around the (arguably) strongest card in the format: Nahids Faithful. It is a 1 mana 2/2 lifesteal as a failcase, which is already better than almost all other commons. But with enough sac fodder (which Pauper still has a decent amount of) it becomes a 4/4 (which is pretty hard to kill in a format with few hard removal spells and where the best damage based removal only goes up to 2 or 3 damage). And it doesnt stop there: with all the ways to recure units from the void you can get Faithful over and over again and with enough sac fodder you can grow it further. And if you get Killer on a Faithful at some point and maybe recur it with a decimated Immortalize in between its starting to get really silly.
But we wont always draw Faithful, so we need some other good recursion/killer targets. The best alternatives (outside of your market cards, I will talk about them later) are Thornbeast and Marsh Dragon. Thornbeast can grow the same way Faithful does, but it doesnt have lifesetal, which means it is a lot worse at racing oppoents. Marshy also doesnt have lifesteal, but its summon can gain a ton of life and it is pretty difficult to attack past it. Those 3 units are the best units to give killer to (or randomnly get it with Supplier), but sometimes killer on a 1/1 can be decent enough to get a ton of value with Immortalize and Dark Return. Also important to note that you can reset killer on your own units/reuse summon effects with Rune of Relocation.
You have a lot of sacrifice fodder between all the cheap corrupted/entomb units and Amber Coin, but you should still try to use them as efficiently as possible. The advantage of corrupted units is, that they can be used a 2 sacrifice fodders, but you either need to have 2 sacrifice effects in a single turn or chump block/Devour one on the opponents turn and then sacrifice the shade on your turn. I am pretty certain that this deck will be able to outgrind most decks in the format, so dont play too rushed and dont throw away ressources early if you dont have to.
The most notable exclusions are Shoaldredger and Darkwater Vines. They are both really strong cards, but I think that they dont have enough good enablers in this format (and this deck especially) to be worth playing here. Dredger might still be fine just because the high number of corrupted units, but I think that the amount of units is a bit too low to be able to play Dredgers early enough for them to be better than Thornbeast and Marsh Dragon. I might be wrong about that tho, Dredger could definitely be worth a try. Vines has next to no good enablers in Xenan and I dont think this decks need a 1/1 regen because it should already do fairly well against aggro. I also thought about splashing a third faction (most likely fire for Combust and Grenadin Drone), but the influence fixing is not great in this format and splashing would make it harder to play Runes and Coins. I wouldnt be surprised if there is a good FTS and/or Stonescar sacrifice list too tho.
The main idea of the market was to pick 5 cards that can win the game on their own if they wont get answered, because the removal in this format isnt great and this deck can protect sites pretty well. The alternatives in the side board can be tried out based on personal preference, the format meta and availability.
Good luck and have fun!

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Pauper Uprising
July 2-5, 2021
Your deck may only contain common cards, but markets can be packed with value


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3 2

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15 14 4

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62 1 4

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34 0 19 2 25


July 1, 2021


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DocTam Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Went up to 4 Vara's Favor because of all the fire aggro and how often I was getting screwed. Also felt like Touvon's triple time was a hindrance so I swapped him out for Shadowlands Tyrant for a better Fire matchup.
Marten Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Extract is also great against aggro btw.
DocTam Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Its not a bad idea, but I had a loss to Kaleb's Persuader and to Barricade Basher which both dodge Extract. A poisonous unit, Execute, or Sporebreath would probably be better tech.
Marten Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Nah, those decks can kill most of those if they need to. Execute is better against both.
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Sounds good. I didnt expect quite as much aggro as is played right now, but more Varas Favour should definitely help with that