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FTS Control (League, Peak #28)

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It's not often that I put together a league deck with as much sweet, sweet vaaaaaalue as this one. Peaked at #28 week 3, but fell to #31 when I finished my games week 4. Overall record was 28-12, which I was happy with overall.

The deck was initially built on the back of a Platinum Qirin + Pack Conjuring engine - Qirin gave me extra power, which I could then burn by decimating for more card advantage. As the weeks went on, it got to the point where pretty much every card in the deck was a 2-for-1 - Amber Acolyte, Gentle Grazer, Kazuo, Melee Virtuoso... and all the others. Add in a respectable early-game strangers package, and the deck was capable of both curving out and out-valueing its opponents.

Powerbase was a little sketchy, but not as bad as it looks - Destruction Chant + a bunch of tokens meant I generally had access to all my colors.

If there were one complaint I had with the deck, it would be the complete and utter lack of hard removal - most of my losses came to large (6/6+) beaters. Pack Conjuring was pretty much my only way to deal with big threats, but it's pretty conditional on me already having some big units in my void, which definitely wasn't consistent. Getting a hard removal spell off the invoke was a nice occasional upside, at least. Looking at my pool after-the-fact, it looks like I had Voprex's Choice and Combust in my pool, but I wouldn't really want to play either of those. Alternatively, maybe Touch of Battle should have gotten a slot? Hmmm...

Fun fact: I actually had Profane Nexus in my pool, which I tried out for two games.... and then promptly cut, because that card is terrible. Seriously. Don't play it unless you have an absurd amount of token generation. The off-faction cards in my Market were there primarily due to lack of options - I was playing Edge of Prophecy weeks 1-3 (before I opened Hammerhand), so hitting Justice influence was somewhat feasible, but hitting FFFF in week 4 meant that I couldn't use my tokens for extra factions anymore.

Event Information

League - Chapter 39: Aftershock
March 1-31, 2020
Until the world grows dark…


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4 3 2 1 2

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4 5 5 5

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22 9 5 2

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21 4 8 0 17


March 24, 2020


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