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7-2 Draft w/ Chalice (6 Sept. 2017)

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Crystalline Chalice is such a dumpster divinity :) Also drafted a Soulfire Drake in pack 4 (first in my collection!) but had no Fire cards anywhere in the picks to make it worth running. Of the two losses, one was due to a stupid misclick (used the wrong relic) and one was power screw. Almost lost the 6-2 final match due to flood with 5-drops and then screw, but barely managed to stabilize and thanks to Amaran Camel and Chalice I won with 20+ health regained and a full board vs my top-decking opponent.

I never play Chalice decks on ladder, but I must say Camel was amazing here: it can take two Chalice buffs and its bonuses get the comeback rolling.

Due to the generally low card quality and sparse removal, this deck required some intricate plays (silence one target to set up a kill on another a turn later, etc.) which made the run enjoyable. Four or five of my wins were comebacks, or at least unpromising starts; in two of them I didn't draw Chalice at all and used the Rings.

EDIT: My 3 reward packs contained Reality Warden, The Great Parliament, and Righteous Fury---not a bad draft overall! It rather restores my faith in the format after I lost a few consecutive runs a month ago due to nothing but screw and flood. Still hoping the devs improve that a bit more.


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September 7, 2017


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