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Xenan Midrange Menangerie (updated to cram in Disrupts)

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I want to mention, this list plays a lot of powerful cards, but its super demanding of its power base to have games where it plays Ubsat the Savior and Icaria, First Reaper, and plays them right on time if possible. You have to work almost every game in order to pull this off.

The first part of every game is usually using everything you can to ensure you can actually play out the cards in your hand, correctly using alchemist, trail maker and petition are absolutely crucial. Also keep in mind that you can try to spend resources getting plenty of time influence if you think you will be able to stick a Karvet, Redeemed for at least long enough to fill in what you need for shadow influence. I have relied on that quite a bit more than I would have thought before I played as many games with this as I have now.

Anyway, the only change with this update was shaving some numbers in order to get in the 3 Disrupt.

Access to these have been very helpful, a lot of times the OPs game plan hinges on a key relic, and being able to take it out is a very big game. The silence option is also serious utility, providing relic hate with a super low opportunity cost, you get to have the relic removal and if the relic isn't there to get disrupted, the card is very far from useless, it feels just perfect since after relic hate the next single thing I'd want access to is another answer to my hated nemesis Rolant, Iron Tyrant

An unanswered Rolant, Iron Tyrant is pretty miserable to play against, but silencing one is super close to just as helpful as killing it outright, so disrupt packs a lot of fight into one package, and seemed worth shaving numbers in order to fit some in, I'm super happy with the card and its performance in general.

I do have to admit, the frustrating grind games where you take ages to finally deal with a rampaging Rolant, Iron Tyrant, like finally hitting 8 and burdening one away, and then successfully landing the post Rolant Blightmoth to clear the huge pile of reapers and then on to successfully close the rest of the game from there, those very rare times when all that somehow manages to go correctly all your way in time, before you go under to all that advantage, those games are immensely satisfying when you do somehow manage to fight through, and win through, all that nonsense, because it sure is plenty difficult enough usually.

After all that business, I still think at some point I probably want to somehow squeeze a market in, probably by taking the main deck burdens out, and putting a burden into the market options, and then finding 2 other maindeck slots I can dedicate. I'm not 100% sure yet what direction will end up best w all that but ill look into it whenever as the next step working on this list.

I'm real light on actual sigils, so either the market will be somehow non-etchings, or I'll have to adjust power for whatever etchings and honestly with all the influence demands as tight as they are, I'm not even sure if you can fit an etchings based market in here and still have the deck be functional.

Assuming i find one way or another that does end up working however, of course ill want to very carefully pick whatever the market options end up being, especially after how much effort it will take getting that all up and running in the first place. I already assume it will turn out to be a pretty major adjustment, but I def want to at least make the effort to get it all together and work it all out.

I am very interested to see and compare this deck w no market vs a version w a market, and figure out which I'm happier with/which functions better/wins and performs better.

I sort of assume the market version will end up better if done right and carefully, and I assume anybody playing eternal in general would agree as almost a no-brainer type question, but if I knew for absolute sure alrdy there wouldn't be any point in trying both options, and personally here I very much want to explore options.

That's still mostly the next direction I want to take working on this thing, ill post updates when I get around to all that.

I also was thinking I might be hearing from some more ppl who have tried this sort of list or ones similar sometime soon now, since it is now open season to play any dumb list filled w legends now during the celebration, and this is absolutely a dumb list filled with legends!

Now is absolutely the perfect time to play any crazy expensive pile, since instead of being a potential disaster w regards to your personal shiftstone stores, it's instead just a fun and silly diversion that might end up with a real deck someday, somewhere, down the expensive and meandering path.

I did actually have 2 ppl request the list after accidentally seeing it play out perfectly and somehow look like a real and tough decklist!

Neither at the time did have the massive pile of shiftstone available to waste upon some random dudes expensive personal folly, but they did say that if they were ever rich enough to try it out they would let me know how things went.

Even as an expensive folly I have somehow had gotten good value in fun times, and I anticipate more, both as I check out how market option stuff works out, and as I get any ideas or feedback from people who now have now downside to trying out a big pile of foolishness for a bit, cheers to anyone who fits that bill and I hope to hear from you.

Thanks everyone, especially thanks to anyone who bothered reading this whole rambling, almost pointless, and far too long of a section of notes, and plans for what I'm gonna work on next here with this fun time list.

Ok so looking more at it, making a market based on either etchings looks so awkward as to be almost impossible, leaving options in expedition as 1cc stuff via the shadow spell, or 5cc crack the cultist deal, and that one seems like probably the only realistic option. So next time I work on this list ill go through all the 5cc options and see what that might end up looking like, with 1 burden as for sure a spot taken, leaving 4 to fill, and 2 cracks in for the burdens, with whatever I end up wanting to do to get 1-2 more into there.

If anyone wants to share thoughts on that I'm open to suggestions, ill basically go thru every available 5 in expedition, and ill check on other crack based 5cc markets look like in other ppls lists too.

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5 6

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4 17 16 12

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10 23 11 26

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41 2 7 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


October 24, 2020


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RumblerX Eternal Version: 20.10.06
----> Banish <---- Relic removal
Furious_George Eternal Version: 20.10.06
This was meant to be expedition! OOPs