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Masters mono fire semi budget

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34 16 4 2 2

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34 0 16 0 25


June 13, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Phoney Eternal Version: 1.46.7
no market?
RyHan_Solo Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.7
No, this deck is pretty aggro and it’s the time old debate about whether a market belongs in aggro or whether it’s too slow.

You could put a market in with some specialist threats to help in the mid game for sure, because this deck does stall out super hard if your opponent survives past turn 6 or 7.
Potential market cards could be, one of the flame blasts - for if you just need damage to face, bore - still relatively strong post nerf against relic decks, but tbh by the time you used it, so have probably either won against praxis tokens or rat cage (because you out value their non buffed units early game) or lost against rat cage because the board state has spiralled enough for them. You could put another Ghodan in the market, and another ankle cutter, to help against sst and vara based decks, and then maybe put that depleted power that becomes shugo tactic (which I can’t remember which one it is now) because I like to have power in the market.

I personally don’t think it needs a market because most games are won or lost by turn 6, but give it a go man. Still not an expensive deck with a market.