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TJP Chalice Anti Aggro

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Hey guys, this is my 2nd deck I post. Credits to Mouche for the original decklist TJP Chalice. I added 4 Lighting Storm and 2 Decay to deal with the ton of aggrodecks appearing at the moment. I played this deck with 2 Passage of Eons before but the card is often too slow + you get 3 hp from Decay to survive on top. Since it's a fast spell you can additionally bait game changing weapons like Deepforged Plate. I also played this with +3 Borderlands Waykeeper , -2 Lightning Storm -1 Lumen Defender but had more success with the extra storms recently.

Try to mulligan for early blockers against aggrodecks. Perfect setup is a turn 2 Temple Scribe, turn 3 Combrei Healer with a Lightning Storm backing it up. with this setup you can almost always survive the early game. If you play vs control decks try to dig deeper in your deck as fast as possible. Always play Wisdom of the Elders over creatures. Try to draw sigils with your Seek Power/Amber Acolyte before you use your Temple Scribe / Wisdom of the Elders / Crystalline Chalice to maximize their draw effect. Play your The Great Parliament as late as possible to get maximum owls. Try to do this with a Backlash + 2 mana backup to be safe against boardclear like Harsh Rule.


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22 33 10 2

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June 18, 2017


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