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Ixtun Talons

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Another deck I've been having fun with and getting some wins in the new meta mix-up. I think this one still needs some fine tuning (let me know if you have suggestions. Obviously, I'm pushing some of the new cards because I can, but they've been useful so far.

Here are some stand outs -

Red Canyon Smuggler - So far the most impressive smuggler for me - something about double damage and deepforged plate just goes together. I'm running six merchants here to round out the units and make sure I have access to the cards I need, so far a lot of sword of icaria and some deepforged plate.

Copperhall Bracers - I know this card has been around awhile, but it has been useful for ramping

Clutch of talons - Great card to amplify with, but remember that it's also just a decent weapon that gives flying and sometimes shouls be used that way

Display of Honor - Drawing two weapons from your void is great as is the combat trick. A polymorph isn't bad with the package either.

Again, Happy brewing! Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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2 2 3

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8 21 14 14

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8 14 30 17

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26 16 13 0 25

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Into Shadow [Set1004]


December 15, 2018


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Sweaty_Wizard Eternal Version: 1.42
Would you consider going the other route with Display of Honor? Two weapons. So it could be Relic Weapons. Go the Control Route. Join the Dark Side.
Crylorenzo Eternal Version: 1.42
Haha, I love the idea. Not for this deck, but I assume you have a deck idea to offer? Or I'll just go brewing on my own.
Sweaty_Wizard Eternal Version: 1.42
I built a quick little mock up of a deck. I'll post it later in the day.