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Alessi Tradition

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Viable Memes

Work in Progress

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First crafted and played on my 1/21/2022 stream so thanks to them for helping with the deck.

Alessi, Combrei Archmage and Alessi, High Arcanist are the stars. Plunk Wumpkin and Stand Together are helpful for draw and keeping your units alive.

Still not 100% sold on the Orene's Scepter in the market but not sure what would be a better choice. Maybe a weapon to take advantage of the armor gain from both Alessi?

Deck is still a work in progress. Looking to possibly replace Lethari Soothsayer and or Valkyrie Enforcer with better units if possible.

We did try a version with shadow instead of primal and a Combrei version with Kira Ascending, surprisingly neither was as good as this version.

Deck in action:

Questions, comments, and suggestions welcome as always.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 3 1

Power Sources
13 13 11 12

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Deck Rarities
6 19 24 11 7

Card Types
24 3 28 0 25


January 23, 2022


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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EnvoyArcher Eternal Version: 22.01.13
Look at Bastion of the Dawn. I think it has everything this deck wants/lacks. A bit of relic removal, unit duplication and a safe return for additional summon effects. Im going to test this and take out Cirso's in the market and see how it feels.
pensfan62 Eternal Version: 22.01.13
Oh that's not a bad idea. My only concern with trading the Cirso's is a lack of AOE removal now. I feel Scepter may be the better choice to remove. Let me know how it goes!