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America Gun Party

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General Deck Idea:
One of my favorite decks to play when the meta is feeling stale. It plays similar to Praxis Tokens and Shimmerpack where your only goal is to build a wide board, hopefully with Vault of the Praxis online, and then use Calderan Gunsmith to machine gun their face and activate the infiltrates of Jarrall Iceheart and Scouting Party which will then draw you into more gas or hopefully a Channel the Tempest to continue this cycle. It is a pretty tight list and I am more than open to cuts/suggestions that anyone may have. I have however played a TON with this deck (at Masters) and this list does pretty well and is decently consistent despite being more of a "meme" deck.

Notable information:
This deck does not play Seek Power in order to mitigate the chance of a whiff when activating Jarrall Iceheart. I do however, run Torch, and even though it contradicts this statement, it is just too good of a card to cut.

Attempt to not lose your board as much as possible. This deck can easily recover from Board Wipes, but if you chump/mass block too much it will limit the effectiveness of your main combos. Calderan Gunsmith might not seem like much at first glance, but there have been many games where I have won from purely her after a stall. She can burst for 6-10 face damage quite easily so keep that in mind when trading and make sure to plan ahead.

The Combos:
Calderan Gunsmith + Jarrall Iceheart. = Huge board swing, card advantage, and high chance of drawing into Channel the Tempest or Scouting Party since this deck runs few spells.

Calderan Gunsmith + Scouting Party. = Decent damage push, instantly drawing four cards.

Just play it and listen to the machine gun and tell me it isn't a fun and satisfying moment.


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Influence Requirements
1 2 4

Power Sources
12 17 8 14 4

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Deck Rarities
22 26 15 3

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26 5 17 0 27


September 5, 2017


Eternal Version

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