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Deleph Duels

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I came up with this idea recently and shared it on Lienwrath's stream. You and a friend/challenger each play this deck, where your only cards are power (maximum 50/75 cards), draw spells, and Cursed Prophet Deleph. You have to use Deleph to find a way to win, and it leads to some shenanigan-fun. Such as:
Getting Quicksilver Mirror and Calderan Gunsmith and popping off much damage (and Deleph triggers) each turn.
Getting Magus of Celerity and overrunning your opponent with tons of charge units you're pulling out of mid air.

If you have a friend that plays, or are a streamer and want to challenge your viewers with some fun match ups, I encourage you to try out Deleph Duels!


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Influence Requirements
2 1

Power Sources
31 31 12

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18 11 12 4

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4 2 19 0 50


May 13, 2019

April 22, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 13, 2019


Lupin76 Eternal Version: 1.46.3
This deck was created just for fun... It's impossible to use it in league because it's exclusively based on fortune, and it's very weak, or it's better to say that it is without defence... just for fun...
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.46.3
Yes, it is just for fun. I thought that was pretty obvious from the description I put in, you and a friend each play this same deck and see who wins. It's not a deck to bring to the ladder.
Crylorenzo Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Any reason the deck isn't public? It can't be searched for, only accessed through your link.
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I was debating about picking the Deck Type, because it doesn't really fall into one of the pre-conceived types listed on the site. I've listed it publicly as a Campaign deck now, which is still weird, but better than the other options.
Crylorenzo Eternal Version: 1.45.6
beefyavocado Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Should run it with primal to access copy effects (Mirror Image, Schism, and the Elysian spell that copies a unit in your hand and gives it +1/+1)
Alomba87 Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Certainly a possibility. Primal would also give access to some better draw spells, so I'm sure there's a cool Auralian version to be found.