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End of the Line

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This is a deck centered around spell damage units. It’s running shadow for some powerful burn cards. There’s a dragon component and a yeti component, both with interesting synergies. Display of Menace really gets out of hand fast with buffs from Acedonis in particular. There’s a bit of everything in the deck, the market supports the strategy. If you wonder about some of the one ofs, that’s something I do with almost every deck. I will identify centerpieces like the spell damage units and then add my spicy one ofs. I hope you can appreciate the deck as a starting point if you feel like building a more focused version. If you have any questions about a particular card, I’m here to help. You have a great day now and thanks for your time.


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Influence Requirements
4 2 2

Power Sources
13 13 13 13

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Deck Rarities
17 19 23 2 7

Card Types
26 2 24 2 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


May 9, 2020

May 6, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 8, 2020


Osidan Eternal Version: 20.05.05
First update added negate effects for board protection and to counter burn (Prodigious Sorcery is painful). Not sure if Torch an Sear were the right cuts but I’ll go from here.