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Jekk Final battle stonecold killa

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Just posting the deck I used to #Ruin Jekk. It's budget because I'm new to Eternal, replace Navani with another permafrost, in fact I would make place in there to have 4 Permafrost.
I assembled this deck by reading reddit posts, hope it helps, he won't get BIG threats but wait until he plays a weapon on the minion to Permafrost it, Stun or Vanquish it.
The match will come to a stall place because he keeps the preasure on, but it will be properly countered or stunned, in my case Elder's Feather was my top deck winner into an already buffed unit.


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1 2 1

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12 12 11 12 2

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24 37 2 1

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19 6 25 0 25


June 26, 2017


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Candyman Eternal Version: 1.27
It says what it does, it does what it says. Obviously, RNG is involved, but this is the one that got it done, and on a budget.
zabandija123 Eternal Version: 1.27
Nothing better than hearing others got to beat that jerk. Cheers!
Omgnoob Eternal Version: 1.23
The power base for this deck is terrible. You're pulling in too many directions and you get screwed on colors too often.
TooCleverByHalf Eternal Version: 1.23
Thanks for your deck! Had to craft a few cards (everything but the legendary), but it worked the first time!
zabandija123 Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
Crear! Glad to know ir worked to others!!