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Berserker's Scream

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This is my personal take on the Feln Aggro decks that came around since the release of Set 4. I got some inspiraton from NotoriousGHP's Feln Aggro and IlyaK's Nightfall Berserk, and adapted it to my own collection (I have some key cards lacking, prominently more copies of Rindra and/or maybe some Midnight Gales). Bursting the opponents by Screaming a Berserked unit and using Rapid Shot is simply delightful. Some personal modifications that i'd like to point out:

Lida's Apprentice: silence effects fell a little out of usage in these first days of set 4 meta, but I believe that some of them still have key importance in some decks, especially the newest iterations of Rakano decks (or anything with Justice that has enough space to run Valkyrie Enforcer). It's much more a splash of an extra card from my collection than an idea of a core card for the deck, but I can see playsets of it being used in Scream decks in the future.

Temple Shihan: Giving flying to most of the units in this deck is VERY interesting, even if a little redundant with Scream. Alongside Dusk Raider, these two look like strong cores for new Aggro decks using Primal. This guy got me thinking about cutting Impending Doom, and it's probably the correct idea replacing them with more Rindras.

Acquisitive Crow: this card is Hearthstone-ly fun, and the extra spells make from great surprise techs to absolute garbage that is actually perfect fodder for the market. Use with caution.

Cabal Standard: HOLY CRAP this card is awesome, the number may change, but you should at least use two.

The market is the more experimental part of the build, and I decided to go for some more interesting choices.

Sunken Tower: playing copies of your units here is very interesting, even more when they have Berserk. It also has a Crystallize-like effect for closing out games, albeit with some drawbacks because of the reckless effect, although it can be played around carefully.

Considerations cut from the market:
Black-Sky Harbinger: it's very interesting if everything else fails to hold back aggro, although Aggro hasn't been very present in the meta RN.
Nightmaw, Sight Unseen: An interesting evasion option over Crystallize, although totally experimental and probably worse. But cmon, let me have fun while playing!

Try and modify this deck at will, and most importantly, have fun!


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]

Aggro Combo

July 17, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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