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Killers at Night

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hello dear viewer !

if youre curious what the hell this deck is... its a simple fun deck to just enjoy the game and the new mechanic the new set has given to us
I have yet to see a deck that uses nightfall and the huge potential it has as card draw. In addition to that, I was trying to find a home for our beloved Memory Dredger

The deck uses a combination of Predator's Instinct or Xenan Initiation with various deadly minions as removal and tries to outvalue the opponent by bringing them back
Another synergy I included was Gloaming Wisp which can be brought back to extend the night with Shadowlands Guide
You might have noticed that the deck is still missing a clear win condition, and youre right. Well... there is a reasons for this:
I would like to make this deck as consistant as possible before including a set of a win condition card

Cards i am currently thinking of changing:
Gloaming Wisp (one copy)
to include maybe one of the following
Mystic Ascendant
Marisen's Disciple
Marisen, the Eldest

If you got any questions or have anything to add, please leave a comment down here. I would appreciate it, it is my first deck after all.

IGN: Abyssruler+6082


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January 13, 2018

January 6, 2018


Eternal Version
The Dusk Road

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Revisions (Since last major patch) January 13, 2018


AurieltheMadQueen Eternal Version: 1.27
though i will take this and experiment a bit with it myself
AurieltheMadQueen Eternal Version: 1.27
sorry for the walls of text
Abyssruler Eternal Version: 1.27
no worries! i appreciate it
sorry for the late response, work has been busy these days, i only got to play like 3 gauntlet runs thats it :D

blistering wasp is at 2 because it is not a 1 drop for shadowlands guide and i rather get my stuff killed at 1 health to resurrect them again
as for obelisk: i dont think a +2/+2 on my board would make the decks overall game plan stronger
i added 2 desciple for now and will see how it goes. moondial was just shit, although it definately fit the theme :p

4 scorpion wasp are basically this decks unconditional removal for the early game. maybe devastating setback would work instead versus aggro as we tend to outgrind control which runs out of removal eventually
AurieltheMadQueen Eternal Version: 1.27
also how is the 2 blistersting wasp and 4x scorpion wasp ratio working for you?
AurieltheMadQueen Eternal Version: 1.27
also the desciple is probably simply a better option than marisen due to the fact he works alot faster and works well with obelisk also he doesn't care about fast removal but at most i would put either as a 2 of with the other 2 cards being obelisk because they both tend towards the go wide kind of game but in general it makes all your tiny units that get ressurect a bit better and things like dredger and even guide more adept in combat and less this kinda sucks if i draw this lategame stats wise although I have no clue about ascendant but i think he does't mesh with what your going for as disciple or marisen and you could possibly keep 1-2 moondials if you run into running out of cards before you kill them problems because whilst you are drawing alot of cards with nightfall its all in the manner of cantrips I think ascendant would go ina different type of xenan killers specificly one that used behemoth
AurieltheMadQueen Eternal Version: 1.27
if anything I would suggest running marisens desciple not to many but probably like 2 and the other two cards would be 2 xenan obelisks so that all your small stuff can pressure more and your dredgers more likely to survive and kill a flying blocker unit and probably replace the killer instincts with the new version that starts a nightfall which at the very least would continue drawing you cards if night is not in effect you would still use it similarly to killer intinct but it also has a chance to replace itselfand ping the enemy for 1 your not going to play it for the +1+1 to dinos but moreso for the nighfall trigger makeing it kinda like a removal cantrip that the removal part can be resused if the unit dies and returns to play