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30-7 FJS Gunslingers

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EDIT (2/25/18): -3 Cat Burglar -1 Steady Marshal +4 Stonescar Sneak. After discussions on Reddit about this, I tried out this little 1/1 dude that I ignored before and my friends over there were spot on. This guy is legit. I had originally ignored him because A) I generally hate cards not named Oni Ronin that die to Vara's Favor and B) he's a 1/1 for 1. However, his text adds EVEN MORE reach to a deck that was swimming in reach before. He is a board stall slayer, something any aggro deck loves (though the more I play this deck the more it feels like a really fast midrange deck). As an added bonus, his ability used on Whirling Duo is asininely good vs. agro mirrors. As such, I got rid of the already mediocre Burglars and one of the Steady Marshals (arguably the most powerful 1 drop in the game and also by far the clunkiest and most awkward with this deck's mana base). I didn't have as much time to play the game yesterday but I got in 10 games and went 9-1 with these changes. I love a deck that keeps on winning.

My take on the gunslinger deck post nerfs. In my opinion, this deck is stronger than the stonescar variety. You will stumble on faction/power every once in awhile but mostly the high number of duals allow you to hit your creatures on curve most games. I'm 30-7 since tweaking and landing on this version. I started at 1200 Masters (so high and should be taken with a grain of salt) and am down below 600 now. I'll jot some notes for y'all below but I LOVE feedback so if anyone has suggestions please chime in!

Why Justice? Steady Marshal is not really a reason. It is a slight buff to the typical 2/1s of fire agro but only slight (and some games not even). However, Whirling Duo and Slay are your real MVPs here. They give this deck so much more reach vs. all the sudden giant sentinels that are popping up (slay) and lifegain vs. agro mirrors. The 9th-12th charge unit are also very helpful.

Cat Burglar is a tech choice that has been relatively underwhelming and could probably be something else though I don't know what. Ashara maybe?

Anyway, enjoy!


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2 1 2

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14 8 14 12 4

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28 16 23 8

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February 27, 2018

February 24, 2018


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Ogatu Edited Eternal Version: 1.28.7
I think Ashara, Ruthless Assassin Is a much better option than Stonescar Sneak turn 3 or 4 Steady Marshal has lost most of it's value. You have to pay 3 power just to use Sneak? Ashara is just literally 7 damage in most cases. I think it is definitely worth consideration. Rakano outlaw is another good fodder creature in the mid game.
Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.28.7
I tested, did not like the deck, did not go to the right color, you sit with a full hand you can not do anything. Better than the usual two-color.
TappedOut Eternal Version: 1.28.7
How are you finding the power base? On paper it looks clunky but I'm guessing it plays better than it looks because of your record.
zilfran Eternal Version: 1.28.7
The power base is actually my favorite part of the deck. No seek power or Seats means I don't have to waste time with basic sigils. I can maximize on waystones with their minor benefits and banners that come into play undepleted most of the time.
HentaicingDream Eternal Version: 1.28.7
In the games I have tried with this deck I do tend to be able to play my cards on curve but I find myself want of influence for the champions due to the power base more often than not. I feel like the numbers of creatures, attachments, and spells are all great but I keep struggling with the power in all my games.
Hopure Eternal Version: 1.28.7
what do you think about Cinder Yeti or Cowardice instead of Cat Burglar ?
zilfran Eternal Version: 1.28.7
I think I like Cinder Yeti better than Cowardice. They serve a similar purpose but one both leaves behind a body AND has warp which is nice. There's also Cabal Countess which wouldn't be a bad option. So far I've kept Burglar in because I keep seeing Praxis lists with relics trying out the new buffed cards. I've found myself hitting something over half the time. I think once the meta settles back down, this won't stay the case and then I'll definitely switch to something else.
Hopure Edited Eternal Version: 1.28.7
I try with Shogun of the Wastes and that works pretty good :)