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Combrei Aggro

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Very strong deck, currently in top 15 Masters with it, and really enjoying it!

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2 2

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14 16 8 4

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12 22 21 6

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35 7 7 0 26

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 13, 2018

March 12, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 13, 2018



egravant Eternal Version: 1.31
This deck is amazing. Though I made it more midrange with some draw and some sigil draw this was what I was looking for. Creatures that protect themselves and become stronger and stronger.
Futhark Eternal Version: 1.29
This deck took me to the master, thanks!
BashingTwan Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
How would you feel about Sandstorm Titan in this deck. Feels like a body which would fit in. Also I am curious why you only run 3 stands, after the Protect nerf I feel like 4 is good
CrazyRenato Eternal Version: 1.29
Any replacements to Jaril, Amaran Ghostblade? It feels too weak and not worth the spot, in almost 30 games he sit in the field doing nothing/being a chump blocker. And i've only able to ult him when the game is already won or already lost. Maybe Sand Viper or Desert Marshal?
jakecard Eternal Version: 1.29
This one looks really fun dude, excited to try it out!

I don't have any copies of Knight-Chancellor Siraf, so I'm considering just going 4x Auric Record Keeper to start with. I know it's not as good, but how much worse do you think it is? Still worth trying to climb with, or do I need to craft some Knight-Chancellor Sirafs to really get a good feel for how the deck plays?
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
There isn't much of a difference, Siraf is better against midrange decks that can clog the board and stall the game, but the deck is still just fine in most situations with a record keeper instead.
jakecard Eternal Version: 1.29
Makes sense! Thanks for saving me 6400 dust :) just won a few games with it, and all I had to craft was a Stand Together and a Copperhall Elite!
JyronStone Eternal Version: 1.29
Why the 50/50 split between Record-Keeper and Siraf? Isn't Siraf better in this case due to dodging Vanquish before holding a weapon and having Overwhelm to make a weapon swing harder to block?
TinMan Eternal Version: 1.29
If I told you that the split is to play around In Cold Blood, and not because I was too lazy to craft the extra Sirafs, would you believe me? If so, then lets go with that :)
asialone Eternal Version: 1.31.6
That is the greatest reply on this entire site. Awesome.