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Purpose Pile (26-14, league, peak #22)

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Well, this was a fun league. I started out with some strong cards in JPS and juuuuuust enough fixing to make the influence work. Still definitely on the greedy side though, and there were a few games I lost due to influence woes... but on the other hand, there were plenty of games I won due to nonsense I couldn't have pulled off without all three factions.

Skipped week 1, but went 14-6 week 2 with my opens, which included Massive Greatsword and Imperial Loyalist as my rares, plus all three Conjurings. I wouldn't normally want to run so many double-influence cards, but my pool also happened to include a bunch of fixing - two Symbols, three Tokens, Seek Power, and Unfamiliar Interloper. That said, I could have gone even greedier, but I decided that Telut, the Iron Gate was a bit much. Probably would have run the pre-nerf version though.

The core of the deck didn't change that much between weeks. Went 6-4 week 3 with Adaptive Predator as the only addition of note and 6-4 again in week 4, adding Unseen Longbow and Backbreaker.

Overall, I'd say that this deck generally functioned as a midrange deck. It was capable of some more aggressive starts with Kerendon Steward, but would usually have to turtle up behind some fat units in the midgame until it could unleash its powerful lategame. Midgame was definitely the biggest weak point of the deck - it's pretty light on 3-5 drop units, so it was vulnerable to getting beat down. On the other hand, between all the topend and the three Conjurings, it had an extremely powerful lategame. Big relic weapons were also great for stabilizing... assuming I could play enough survivable units to keep them active.

Highlights: Imperial Loyalist shenanigans. Fast-speed Trickshot Ruffian closed out a few games, and Display of Purpose -> Siphoner Paladin was also fun.

MVP: the powerbase. I ran 18 power + Seek Power + several pledge units, which is a little on the high side. However, extra power meant I could consistently decimate the Conjurings, which felt great.

Event Information

League - Chapter 46: Awakening
September 1-30, 2020
September 2020 Sealed League


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3 2 2

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1 3 9 6 7 4

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16 15 3

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16 3 8 0 18


September 23, 2020


Eternal Version

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