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Milos Gauntlet

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I've had a few 7-0 runs with this deck. Is extremely powerful when you can put bear arms onto Milos. Let me know what you think of the deck


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February 25, 2019


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Jkjkgirl Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
How do you have Milo in your deck and merchant bar?
This deck hasn't made me many wins and is slow avg 4 wins
Jkjkgirl Eternal Version: 1.44
How are you guys able to consistently beat the ai? I fight win and my mmr goes through the roof where the fist boss will cheat and have every legendary imaginable
Epsilon Edited Eternal Version:
I can't really argue one way or the other whether this deck is particularly consistent or effective compared to other Gauntlet options, but let's just say that any deck that lets me cast a Grenadin Drone that results in a 27/27 and a 29/29 for 1 power is pretty much guaranteed to be one of my favorite decks of all time. Stuff like this is why I play card games. 56/56 of stats for one power? The only thing funnier would be slapping a Flametail Whip on Milos and getting something like 75 charge damage incoming.

If this deck sticks the combo (and the heavy Merchant presence makes it a lot more likely than you might think), it is absolutely preposterous what it can do. Especially because the AI doesn't always properly identify Milos as the biggest threat. It will waste removal on a 5/5 token and leave Milos to do his thing. This is by far one of the most fun decks I've ever played in this game. Well done!

ETA: The more I play, the more I realize how Milos is basically a card custom built to abuse the AI's removal priority. I just played against Nikki's Grab Bag in the final round of a Gauntlet and it was just hysterical watching the AI remove Grenadin tokens or whatever the most recent thing Milos buffed was, because almost by definition, whatever you play most recently is going to end up with higher power/toughness than Milos himself. The AI threw no fewer than 5 hard removal spells at random junk while Milos and whatever I played next just kept getting bigger and bigger. Absolutely delightful stuff.
Superspeedsnail Edited Eternal Version:
So, a combo gauntlet deck of Milos + Bear Arms?

Might wanna add other color like black or white. For the "Deadly" effect. AI processing Deadly with funny way. Making them extra slow. Scaring multiple of their 6/6 with just Ripknife Assassin or Kerendon Merchant hanging around doing nothing. Yet the AI reluctantly remove it coz they prioritizing bigger stat units. Black and white also have abundance lifesteal units.

Deadly units might better since you need a form of removal anyway, and that removal better in the form of units for the Milos Arms combo.
Trexene Eternal Version:
This deck is not performing for a few reasons:
- mana screws is a very serious thing in this deck, could use more crests for early scouts

- weak board interaction, finest hour on grenadins and vanquish is simply not a good enough answer against various aggro decks the bots often throws at us with above average hands. The deck could definitely use some torch and defiances

- Dead hands. This deck feature cards like flametail whip and bear arms that either does nothing on its own, or just gets destroyed easily by a timely removal. Cards like crownwatch standard and criva often sits in the hand for too long just because there are always better things to play. The deck have to decide at one point that it wants to rush people down with lower curve and pings, or add more removals and answers to try and 2 for 1 until there's enough mana for the awesome combos.

- Win con, I think the deck invests too heavily on winning with Milos. Without him, the deck feels like a mediocre justice deck with some of more popular Rakano powerhouses taken away. Things like highland sharpshooter and hojan are staple to Rakano decks for a reason.
Jkjkgirl Eternal Version: 1.44
This is how I felt when playing the deck (or my similar version)
HerculePoivrot Edited Eternal Version:
Man this deck is bad, in the sense that I think it is slower than a regular Hooru flyer and it totally depends on Milos. But my first try went 7-0 quite easily and I enjoyed it so much. This deck is soooooo much fun ! Great job, the interactions are really fine !
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
do you have a good hooru gauntlet list you can share w/ me?
HerculePoivrot Edited Eternal Version:
This one is excellent : Hooru Flyers
I personnaly don't like the Ice Sprite so much and would probably replace them with something more agressive (like Aquisitive Crow) but it's a matter of tastes, This list can 7/0 the AI quite consistently without any doubt.
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
assembly line is good too
Ninjacan Eternal Version:
seems way better than whip
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
would flamestoker work in the market?
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
You could replace plate for it, give it a try and let me know how it works out
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
im also not running ixtun and winchest merchants im just using red canyon smuggler
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
Whatre you running in your black market?
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
I run double merchants to get the combo of consistently, its been working out well for me
theRealKLH Eternal Version:
tried it not that good tho plate is better
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
Yeah it seems abit expensive for what its worth.
OneAntic Eternal Version:
How does the interaction between Milos and Crownwatch Cavalry work?
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
Crownwatch buffs Milos then Milos buffs Crownwatch, it works the same with master at arms
Makash Edited Eternal Version:
I like the Combo, but woudln't there be better interacts such as Marley and Golem Press? Marley giving you almost free High Stat Aegis units and Golem Press giving you high double damage units? Especially with DFP, Golem Press is a potential finisher

Edit: Xulta Convoy seems reasonable too
DEADINSIDE Eternal Version:
That does sound quite enticing, i'll sub in Marley and golem press and give them a try