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Sky aggro Dragons

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So with this deck I put in permafrost, Backlash[card, and Kaleb's Choice to counter spells. With only Soulfire Drake and Obliterate as the highest costing cards the power cover is not that bad.

You are looking for Snowcrust Yeti and Permafrost as your opening hands and Vadius, Clan Father. If you do happen to have Torch in your opening hand along with a permafrost save the torch unless you have two of them.

You are also going to with the Yeti and Vadius on the board it will make the rest of the game easy in doing damage. By the time you are at two 5 power with two red start using Obliterate as the enemy. If you have Oni Ronin, Pyroknight and Rakano Outlaw along with Champion of Fury help out with this deck.

If you do happen to play Soulfire and Crimson Firemaw all the better. But don't count on just them.

Also just to note this is not a sure fire win. You may lose games. But also using this against a Chalice deck or what looked like one was not sure (even though the person was running Time, Primal and Justice) it works. Even beat a fire and shadow deck. Again you won't win ever game and it will not always be a sure win. But with the counters and Permafrost and torch it can help.

If any one else has any ideas I'm open to them.


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3 1

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16 13 8 4

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16 24 14 10

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29 7 14 0 25

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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


October 8, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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