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Praxis Token Burn

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Hello its me Nita(mud),

this is the Praxis brew, which I used to climb back up to Diamond in the first days of S9. The deck uses and older token focused style, which has fallen out of Meta slightly, but it seems to fit good in the current metagame in mid - high elo.

The goal of this take is to outpace midrange and control decks through sheer manpower combined with terrifying power- ups coming from Xenan Obelisk and Rally.

The goal of the deck is, as the name suggests already, to heavily go for your enemies face. Early game face damage will often already be enough to finish off midrange and control decks through the use of Groundbreaker to neglegct enemies healing (especially against Combrei, Rakanos Silverwing Familiar , and xenan decks with kata) and big burn finishers like Obliterate and Burn Out.

The deck also gives you quite favorable matchups vs aggro decks, which you wil almost ever outscale. (only bartho/rakano plate may possibly scale stronger in the early midgame) Your goal in this games is to stall the board through the use of Torch and staller units to block like Grenadin drone and Assembly line and slowly build up a board advantage. Don't hesitate to use burn outs ans obliterates do clear enemy threats because one you have installed your Obeliscs and gathered enough power they almost auto-lose.

Through to the man low cost and low health this deck is heavily countered by hard cleanup and board wipe spells like Harsh Rule or Lightning strike, which u need to consider in your desicions. The key to victory here might be pacience, and greed will almost every time lead to defeat against these deck type(mainly talking about Hooru Midrange, TJP Chalice and Icaria variations, Blue and Dark especially).

This is my first Eternal Guide and Discussion and Refinments of my brew, as well as constructive feedback is highly appreciated.




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3 2

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14 15 8 4

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24 29 11

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25 3 22 0 25

Aggro Midrange

August 3, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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hobbes Eternal Version: 1.25.1
Xenan Obelisk should be a 4x, its one of the best cards in the deck, buffing units played before and after
xXGoompaXx Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Arcanum monitor can be good in praxis tokens.