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Hooru Tempo (17-3 D2 to Masters)

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Clicked on this deck thinking it was a different hooru deck I'd made. I originally built this deck in the height of feln control, pre-defiance. But boy did it do work today!!! Ended up with a very satisfying 17-3 as this deck carried me from the bottom of D2 to masters. Pure luck? I do not think so!! Matchups include: 4-1 against FJS control, 2-1 Against Rakano Aggro, and 3-0 against FTP Peaks. Not to mention 2-0 against praxis tokens and 1-0 against TJP control (with vision of austerity being the MVP in all three matches). Also beat ixtun blitz. Market is mostly perfect. I typically just grab mirror image or permafrost to push through, but vision is there to own relic-dependent deck (as just mentioned) and mirror is REALLY good if games go too long and might otherwise escape reach. Eilyns choice is a complete flex spot. LVP of deck (aside from maybe the choice) is surprisingly Hojan. I might swap back out for the ironfist chancellors that were there originally, or maybe a crownwatch paladin. Otherwise, deck is AWESOME and an MVP is impossible to choose. The deck as a whole in this meta is just CRAZY consistent beyond what I could've expected. ENJOY!!


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


February 15, 2019

February 14, 2019


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somethingfun Eternal Version:
is aniyah worth here?
BossDominator Eternal Version:
Alternatively, there might be room for a more aggressive build where you run shelter-wing instead of Sheriff and Aniyah instead of Feastcaller, but i think you would sacrifice a LOT of versatility for a little speed
BossDominator Eternal Version:
I was actually wondering the same thing last night! I for sure think she is an okay replacement if you dont have feastcaller. But if you do, and you still want to run Aniyah, I would go down a vanquish and up a blade or two (for renown's sake) and maybe swap out a sheriff? I just can't think of a top-end creature I run that is worse than her.
Razfrost Eternal Version:
Hi. About to try this deck. Dont have Jotun Feast-Caller is there any budget replacement? Yes i know as he is a legendary the value will not be the same but any other card maybe?
BossDominator Eternal Version:
Yeah, Shelterwing Rider is far inferior, and you will lose a plethora of games solely because once the aegis is popped all you have is a 0/5 flyer (has happened to me countless times when running shelterwing in place of something else), but it is certainly the best option unit-wise. At worst is an AMAZING blocker that still forced an aegis pop, and has nice synergy with Commando. Alternatively, if you don't wanna craft feastcaller, and sheterwing isn't doing it for ya, you might wanna try running 4xPaladin, 3x Vanq. Blade, and 2x wisdom of elder's instead. Or, even if you do go the shelterwing route, I certainly recommend a 4th sheriff. I only run three because I want to empty my hand before playing feastcaller to finish the game, but you'll definitely want four to top the deck off. Throne warden is also not the worst card ever if you're needing substitutes
Razfrost Eternal Version:
No problem. Like Shelterwing Rider but Baby Vara is her enemy and she is very common this days... But still.. Even i never drew a single Shelterwing Rider i went 1-7. Idk what could be the problems but 1/3 of the games i got powerscrew. Opponents decks always having a answer for this deck maybe? I dont mean that this deck is bad but in my case it did nothing. Drop all ranked points lol. Lucky i didnt crafted Jotun Feast-Caller
BossDominator Eternal Version:
Sorry you had such a bad run with it!! I had a similarly bad run today also. As others have said, this meta is basically "just be as greedy or fast as you can and hope you don't hit your counter". This deck SLAYS the decks I listed in the matchups, but apparently it is a bit soft against xenan mid and yeti, which is all I hit today. And I've had similar problems with decks I've imported: The creator boasts some amazing record and then I get screwed or flooded and it turns me off. I would recommend adding some fixing, or giving up on the deck if you're just in the wrong sub-meta for it, or looking at what seems like the plethora of other Hooru tempo decks I've seen floating around warcry the last week or so. And best of luck to ya!
JTJag Edited Eternal Version:
The only card that's a clean replacement for Jotun Feast-Caller is Moonstone Vanguard, and that's in Time, which this deck doesn't run. Maybe Shelterwing Rider, as another big unit with Aegis? Doesn't give you the draw to finish out games though.
eljeffedemagico Eternal Version: 1.43
I like this alot! 2-0 right now in silver 1. will let you know how it does down here. i did not have quicksilver mirror so i swapped it out for the multi faction Eilyn. thanks for sharing
BossDominator Eternal Version:
I'm glad it's working out for you!! And mirror just happens to be an effective finisher that I like playing. I'm sure Eilyn or any late game-finisher will do about as well (I originally had Thunderstrike dragon in that spot, and it did the job just fine)
frmorrison Eternal Version: 1.43
You can get the mirror from one of the 2500 gold pre-made decks.
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.43
if Hojan is bad, there's also Kothon
BossDominator Eternal Version: 1.43
Lol. Yeah, he is the obvious choice, and I meant to include him! 2 drop with great late game potential is exactly what that spot needs, and why chancellor is any good in it. Problem is I don't have Kothon, but you are certainly right about him being the best choice!