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Rakano Aggro

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Edit: I hit rank 1 playing exclusively this deck! I continue to think it is quite strong.

This is your standard, no-funny-business, week 1 aggro deck. I'm currently Rank 15 and it's been great at climbing. I messed around with a handful of different aggro decks, and I think this one was the best one, but we'll see how things shake out over time.

If you're new or unsure which cards to craft first, I highly recommend you make Helena, Skyguide first. Ijin, Mithril Daimyo is very good and should probably come second, but Helena is just insane. She gives your deck a lot of reach, pushes a lot of damage, and breaks Permafrost. Inferno Phoenix is really good but if you're short on shiftstone, you can hold off until later.

Some play tips:
1. If you have a choice between Battlefront Dasher and Kazuo, Melee Virtuoso as your first plays, go with the Dasher and use Contract.
2. Ijin, Mithril Daimyo with contract is a great way to refill after a board wipe, so if you suspect one, you might hold her back. In addition, playing her post combat with no contract when you have 5 power can be really powerful to set up a flyer like Helena for lethal the next turn.
3. Oni Inciter is one of the worst 2 drops to play on turn 2 but is a great and flexible 2-drop in the later turns. You can make a Warhelm and then throw one on a huge Warcry'd unit or a flyer.

Lastly, some card considerations and choices:

1. You'll notice that League Explorer and D'Angolo Houndmaster are in the format and missing from this deck. Please put down your pitchforks and allow me to explain. For one, I don't think either is ideal in a weapon-based deck like this one that prefers to build up 1-2 units to be really big. Secondly, this format is wipe city, and going wide does not feel optimal at the moment (or maybe ever.) Elemental Fury, Nothing Remains, Harsh Rule, and Trials and Tribulations are everywhere. Third, there are a lot of large health units like Kehanya, Skilled Caster, Quinn, Master Tracker, Iadria, Twisted Brewer, and others are very common right now. So put down your little chargers and Magma Hounds and suit up your humble Crownwatch Paladins and flyers.

2. The spot I feel least confident about is Inoa's Fury. However, I felt having a quickdraw option and additional pump spell was best. It's worked out since I put it in so it will stay for now.

3. I played Varbuk, Hand of Anarchy for a while, and he wasn't bad, but didn't feel as good as Ijin (and a deck like this only wants one card in the 4-drop slot). I like him a lot less in a format with Torch.

That's all. I'm sure things will change a bit as the format evolves but it feels good for week one, and any changes would be pretty minor, I think. Have fun!

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Hour of Glass [Set1115]


November 17, 2021

November 15, 2021


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Cold Hunt

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cheesyfru Eternal Version: 21.11.18
Awesome deck, this took me through diamond to masters quickly. I cut Kazuo since there was no relic weapon synergy, and replaced him with League Explorer. It's a little tough to empty your hand with this deck, but having a must-kill charger felt really good. Many of my games involved getting Crownwatch Pally out on turn 2, tossing a Gemblazer on it turn 3, and giving other buffs from there. They're usually dead before they can pop the aegis and deal with it.
Paradox Eternal Version: 21.11.18
Glad it helped! The main reason for Kazuo is that he is a 1-drop. Having a nice curve is important for aggro, and I think replacing one of them for another 2 drop can make hands too slow. But I'm glad it still worked out!
pashathemadrussian Edited Eternal Version: 21.11.18
First of all, love the deck, thank you. I went 6-1, and then my inner brewer woke up and so I decided to make a Throne worthy version and add 3 Watchwing Support and cut 1 of Battlefront Dasher, Kazuo, and Torch. With Watchwing Support, each Weapon or Relic played is a nice +2+2 plus activates really well in early game with Crownwatch Palladin for a +3+3 boost. If that wasn't enough, I added 2 Hojans for an Iron Priestess and an Oni Onciter. Slight bummer about losing the Iron Priestess, but I can't say I miss the other cards, 3 of each of those has still been working well. Especially when you can proc the Hojan or another useful unit +3 to + 10 and on average plus 4 or 5 with on board warcry's doing their work, especially coming from Iljin, one of my favorite cards of the set. The games you get to play Hojan followed up by a weapon proc can turn into a lot of fun decisions like which units to buff. And buff they will, I've grown even some double digit size units in some games. I found that a 7\7 gemblazer cannon added to a unit can be a glorious way to win or a disheartening way to lose. Anyways thanks, again lovely deck, the slightly modified version gets those 9 wins in Throne and is quite fun (big throne nemesis are big time decks, otherwise decent winrate).
Chokes Edited Eternal Version: 21.11.12
What are your thoughts on replacing Inoa's Fury with Breach The Defenses or Searing Fist? Breach is good Fast burn, while Fist kills Quinn, Iadria and Velise, though Kehanya survives it.
Paradox Eternal Version: 21.11.12
I tried both of them in those slots. They all worked fine, and might be right for a certain meta, but I was dealing with a lot of low-unit control so I made the swap to Inoa's Fury. But they are definitely fine cards for this deck!