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A potential of Buffed Elves

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(Sorry, actually my playing was not good.)

TaviaとLethrai Soothsayerがバフされたので、彼女たちに焦点を当てて新しいElfデッキを作成しました。
最初はSunset Stoneを入れようと思いましたが、そこまでしてTimeを採用する理由がなかったのでFelnカラーで作成しました。
With Tavia and Lethrai Soothsayer buffed, I focused on them to create a new Elf deck.
At first I thought about putting Sunset Stone [card], but I didn't have any reason to adopt Time so I made it in Feln color.
The deck itself is pretty strong, so I think you can afford to be promoted to master.
I think what Elves need now is a powerful Site like the Yeti deck.

Brief commentary

*Pitfall Trap
個人的には最強のレリックだと考えています。Lethrai Soothsayerの効果を最大限発揮するためにはとにかくデッキを掘り進める必要があるので採用しています。1点ダメージも汎用性が高く非常に強力です。ユニットをプレイしてくれるAcanthaとの相性も良いです。
Personally, I think it's the strongest relic. In order to maximize the effect of Lethrai Soothsayer , it is necessary to dig up the deck anyway, so I am using it. One point damage is also highly versatile and very powerful. It goes well with Acantha, who plays the unit.

*Unstable Form
Card for Discard and Plunder. Use it for Felrauk or for the opp's Kira or Jerral etc.

*Acantha Ascending
Not far from Kira and Jerral in the same cycle, but much better than Clodagh.

Let's stack four without thinking about anything.

*Makkar Evangel
To be honest, it's better than Tavia.

*Maveloft Huntress
The strongest card. If you want to make a deck with Primal, first make 4 of her.

*Tavia, Lethrai Raidleader
To be clear, it's still weak. I want her to set strength or health to 3 at least

*At Any Cost
最初はElf達によるビートダウンデッキを作成したのですが、気絶しそうなほど弱かったのでAt any costによるリーサルプランも見据えたデッキを作成しました。
At first, I made a beatdown deck by Elves, but it was so weak that I almost fainted, so I made a deck with an eye on the lethal plan by At any cost.

*Lethrai Soothsayer
Thanks to the reduction of 1 cost, it is easy to connect from 2 costs, and the effect of Onslaught is very easy to use. However, the effect is very unstable, so it cannot be said to be strong. But I like it so I think I will continue to use her.

*Forbidden Research
最初はMaster Cartographerを採用していたのですが、At any costのバリューを高めるためにこれに変更しました。
At first, I used Master Cartographer[card], but I changed it to increase the value of At any cost.

*Wasteland BrokerJotun Hurler
ドローソースは割と入っているので商人よりもBrokerを優先させました。Lethrai Soothsayerのバリューを下げてしまうので商人か、Transposeのほうが良いかも知れないです。
Since the draw sauce is relatively included, I gave priority to the Broker over the merchant. It may be better to be a merchant or Transpose [card] as it will reduce the value of Lethrai Soothsayer [card].

*Jotun Hurler
言わずもがなマーケットやPlunderとの相性が非常に良いです。Pitfall trapと合わせてヘルス1絶対殺すマン。
Needless to say, it goes very well with the market and Plunder. Do not allow the existence of Health 1 together with the Pitfall trap.

*Felrauk the Outcast
That's the biggest reason to use a Feln deck, isn't it? Anyway, it's strong.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 6

Power Sources
20 25 20

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Deck Rarities
12 26 18 23

Card Types
35 4 16 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Awakening [Set1095]


March 13, 2021


Eternal Version
Buried Memories

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