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Strong And Healthy

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I made this deck specifically to combat Forged in Shingane, since that's the deck everyone gets, but it's served me well so far. I also made it with the intention of including no legendaries.

Save your torches and such to eliminate the opponent's Oni Quartermasters and Jishu, the Burning Brushes (if they have the Upgraded-More-Expensive version of the same deck). On that same token, mulligan aggressively for some early game. You don't want to be stuck plonking down 4-drops while the Oni Pain Train picks up steam.

"Wait, Combust AND weapons? Infernal Tyrant AND 2-health creatures? What gives?"
Yep! I found that once the boards were developed, I would have problems making my 2-drops useful, so I picked ones that are very "combustible" while still having decent stats (and Jishu to bring Lethrai Falchion out when you need it. Plus, pretty much all the weapons in this deck make them survive Tyrant anyway; no matter what you're Combusting, you don't lose out. Also, Waystone Elemental's Shardlings do get hit by Tyrant. That swung me the game at one point.

Careful use of your 1-drop spells is essential to this deck. Sometimes, you're gonna have to put down Clan Huntcaller just to Combust her and reach that One Annoying Dude. Steward of the Past is an excellent un-Vanquishable beatstick-stopper that can still defend if it gets silenced, so I wouldn't recommend busting him, but everything else is fair game.

After a few trials with card draw problems, I discovered what this deck actually needed was card advantage, hence Treachery for early/mid and Azindel's Gift to stall for time until you find another Tyrant.

Possible Swaps: Torches for Combusts if you're dealing with beefy threats or silencing your Stewards too frequently, though don't go overboard. I usually use Pilfer as a "Seek Power With a Chance For Gas" so you can swap that out, too. I considered taking out Gilded Flames, but it perfectly deals with Quartermaster/Jisho and that card draw lategame when the expense doesn't matter is hard to ignore.

I guess you could also swap out the non-lifesteal 4-and-5-drops for whatever legendaries you have, but that would defeat the purpose, no?

Anyway, tell me what you think!

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2 3

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15 19 8

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July 3, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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