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Budget Combrei Mid-Range

Throne Deck By
The Misplay


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I've noticed a number of new players recently looking to find their feet in Eternal, so I've worked on brewing and testing a competitive, budget throne deck. I've got a roughly 50% win rate with this on ladder. A few tips: Look to mulligan hands that do not have a two drop, save your silence units for threats you can't attack through if possible, don't be afraid to use finest hour on Intrepid Longhorn if your opponent is shields-down (no power open) in order to get to mastery six for the ramp. Snapping Brushstalker and Seasoned Spelunker are the weakest cards in the deck, and I would look to replace those first if you would like to upgrade the list to include some rares and/or legendaries. Stand Together, Teryius, Martial Master and Valkyrie Enforcer are the first rares you may want to add. Predatory Carnasaur could also be a good top end threat in a unit-heavy metagame.


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2 2

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21 21 16

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20 45

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39 0 10 0 26

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October 21, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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Silverstar Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Hi! Thanks for sharing this deck I'm new to eternal looking to craft this deck I've also put some of the rare into it by buying the base deck.
I've the legendary card ancient terrazon should I put this one in this deck? 🙂

I would love to see how upgrade this deck for later as well :) again thanks for sharing it
DarkLou Edited Eternal Version: 21.09.23
Combrei (yellow/green) usually are expensive (lots of legendaries to make) My recommendation is try some of the budget decks to feel what type of deck suits you better, you should grind gold in gauntlet, ranked is a little difficult without a better collection, and use the gold to play at least the monthly league, its sealed format, you got a great deal cause you will receive more than you paid 12500 gold for a minimum of 14 packs (its aways more cause there aren't that many players) and the best part is that you will start to accumulate shiftstone. With your spare gold I recommend buying campaings, lots of good cards, most good decks use cards from campaigns, its a great boost. Do not spend gold in packs (well you can if you want, but its better to play the league or even the forge)
To grind in gauntlet there are some budget decks too, things that have lifesteal, deadly, decay, regen and flying are very useful there. A good deck I would recommend is a combrei empower look at
this version too it does very well in gauntlet , the rares are safe crafts, very useful ones, I personally use an in between version of the two decks.
Hope you have fun with the game and keep playing it.