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Elf Mill

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Mandatory tome mill deck mixed with elf plan - this deck can often win in a pinch if you can manage just enough to mill them out.

Tome of Horrors is a ridiculous card. Get all the Tomes out you can and watch your foe melt. Steal if you have spare power.

Lethrai Hideaway and Sunset Stone are both here to contribute to the elf plan. Both up the damage, and thus discards.

Bloodseeker and Impending Doom both are the standard tome self-damangers - Bloodseeker is better here due to the elf lean, but Doom can provide good air coverage

Dreamsnatcher is the other standard discard unit, and also provides important life intake.

Heirloom Seeker does very good work in this relic-focused deck, and is a good candidate for receiving lifesteal.

Lethrai Direbeast and Elder Astrologer both let you temporarily pass lifesteal onto other cards.

Shadowlands Borderscout works well with all the elf buffs here and is good for getting other chunks of the plan in.

Disjunction and Unseal are mostly here to keep the self damaging cards from getting turned to dead weight, but can be useful elsewhere.

Tavia, Lethrai Raidleader is good to move in if you get a lot of elves out fast, or if you need another unit fast.

Eremot, Death Incarnate is just ridiculous for mill decks, and his effect is scary even if permafrosted.

Acantha, the Huntress is a very niche use, but if you end up in a standoff due to one unit, she's a good fix.

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Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 2 3

Power Sources
9 15 18 11

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Deck Rarities
19 18 26 2

Card Types
32 9 11 0 28

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


January 15, 2020


Eternal Version
Promises by Firelight

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