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Ashara : All according to plan ;)

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Stonescar Sneak makes berserks brutal -_-'. It also makes reckless units steal threatening.

Ashara can attacks with almost everything (except an other Ashara or Stonescar Sneak).

I play manufacture instead of assembly line to avoid to flood the board and instantly die with any storm... Anyways, I generaly wont attacks with more than 2 units.

The rusty grenamotive can be weird but is an important tool. Stonescar Sneak activation is expensive. The rusty grenamotive generaly give enought power to activate it and play an unit. If the attack was with Ashara, it can also give the power to use a devour or combust to sacrify the unit before the end of the turn.

I play suffocate instead of torch. With quickdraw it's quite easy for the deck to deal with low HP units but it might be hard to deal with an Auralian marchant or equivalents... Overall the deck is weak against white decks that have got sandstorm titan, alhed, predatory carnosaur, etc... All those cards requiered several solutions, which obviously means card-desavantage. If you want better answers against that kind of deck you can add some annihilate (depend of the meta).

Have fun ;)


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December 20, 2019

September 15, 2018


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v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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Daarken Eternal Version: 1.44
L'idée a l'air cool... À tester :)
333charles333 Edited Eternal Version:
This is a good idea for a deck based around an excellent card, but it has some flaws and needs some serious revision for current meta.
1st off manufacture needs to go, i understand it's one card that packs in 3 units but it ends up costing 6 mana for 3 1/1 units that you often need to lay down when you only have 4-5 mana making you split the awful price of those units over 2 turns, you should never pay more then 3 mana for 3 1/1 units with no extra abilities. I understand these units are to feed Ashara but there are much more efficient 1 mana cards to sacrafice - such as Tickeling Grenadin which deals 3 damage to enemy face when sacrificed or Oni Ronin that can make later units stronger with warcry but is a low strength unit that will die anyway so it'd good to sacrafice and at least it will give you benafits if played start of game.
2ndly replacing Torch with annihilate is an awful idea, torch can hit face for end game win and it can hit units with more then 3 heath and allow you to take the rest of that health of an enemy unit via another method torch is so much more superior, put more fire sigil cards and less shadow to re-compensate and put torch in this deck.
3rd point - the weak units with berserk are all a bad idea, having to attack with them just makes you unnecessarily louse them for no reason and this deck just does not have enough spells to boost there stats high enough consistently enough to be viable for this build, this is an Ashara deck based around fuelling her not around boosting berserkers - leaving them to weak to berserk and they just get destroyed for nothing, they'd be better replaced with more cheap food units for Ashara or with cards that have a better chance of survival and give you more benefits such as Censari Brigand, Frontier Bard and so on.
It'll take some experimentation but this could be a very competitive deck in vs with a few adjustments.
bouletpr Edited Eternal Version:
A huge thank you for the comment, for your interesting thinkings and for creating your version:
Your deck looks great and more competitive that mine. You don't anymore necessarily need to get ashara or stonescar to do the work. However, I think that your deck is more a variant than an update. You have minimized the "synergies" parts to get more reliability. I'm still thinking that berserk can provides good synergies with ashara and stonescar but I haven't found an efficient way to do it.
I'm very interested by the results that your version will provides! I hope that you will write it in the description of your deck.
333charles333 Edited Eternal Version:
Thanks, I'm actually new to eternal but understand the game mechanics very well, it's just putting that knowledge into practice that i was struggling with but with the deck i variated from yours here i'm currently having overwhelming success, you could already do some very sneaky things with this deck - like use madness to a steal high powered enemy unit for one turn then use it to feed Ashara which kills it after (imagine this with +4 warcry on Ashara stealing a 5/5 enemy unit - this has happened - taking 16 health and killing a powerful enemy unit), tricks like this are almost broken and if exploited a lot i'm sure they'd get nerfed. Some of the options i have now after making the variation of this deck are verging on ridiculous and broken but in a good way + many of them do not rely on Ashara.
Your feelings on berserk units really do resonate with me, playing multiple berserk units does very much appeal to me and i'm sure there's a way to make it work, just thinking about it now it's complicated, they don't have to be over powered as long as you have answers to get them past enemy units, unblockable would be perfect, maybe adding berserk with a spell/weapon (very possible if playing primal) to an unblockable unit would be more reliable and controllable then adding an unblockable to a berserk unit as you don't want the unit to be uncontrollable until you know it has a high chance of not being killed by a powerful unit (if played by the opponent after you play berserk unit) 1st, flying berserkers (if they are not unblockable) and other answers to getting your berserkers past powerful units would also make a beserk reliant deck very overpowered (again primal comes to mind, maybe a primal/shaddow deck, in that case it could still have Ashara but with or without her making berserk work is an interesting dilemma), it's possible, it may not be fire/shaddow possible though.
Primal actually has a similar spell to annihilate (lightning strike) and a 1/1 unit that costs no mana to play (frog) that could be used to feed Ashara so you could actually play almost the same way with a variant of this deck that substitutes fire for primal cards with more optimal berserk options.
bouletpr Edited Eternal Version:
I think you can be reassured : Madness have been an extremely popular card several times during the past (even in the beta version) and never have been nerfed. It will probably never be for several reasons : really powerful only when combined with a sacrifice / mandatory 3 powers + sacrifice cost (if sacrificed with a spell) / bad against control or aggro based on number (like tokens).
I haven't tried the primal version. The deck without Combust seams bad. Furthermore my version was mainly based on disposable units and fire seams better for this. That's actually why I do not play any way to give evasion skills. If the unit die it doesn't matter will it have makes his work. Primal version would be completely different : slower. I actually think that the classical justice/primal berserk/weapon is better for that purpose.
If you want to try the primal version, you should play permafrost instead of lightning strike. That last one is a defensive card : it will not provides you a way to go through enemy units. The frog isn't a card. It's listed on eternalwarcry but that unit can only be the result of a transformation.
Do you play your version in rank ? If yes, which rank did you reached ?
Comment Deleted
skayleef Eternal Version: 1.38
just so you know, there is no "instead of torch" you leave torch in and cut something else. It's too good to not play in any deck that can.
Mavfatha Eternal Version: 1.38
This deck seems really cool; how does it stand up to the competition and at what tier of ranked if you don't mind me asking?
bouletpr Eternal Version: 1.38
I'm currently in gold 2 and based on last 15 games that I played, I did 9/15. However, I'm not sure that it's really representative. I was quite lucky today ^^'. I also made some modifications on the deck during those 15 games.
Mavfatha Eternal Version: 1.38
I ended up running a similar list, shaving a suffocate and a pummel for a couple annihilates. It's worked fairly well down in Silver ranks, something like 6/8. I love how quick the games can go and sometimes ending things out of nowhere with the berserk units. Only thing I've found really awkward is manufacture. Will likely boot those out to get some torches back in.
bouletpr Eternal Version: 1.38
Yes the manufacture isn't always welcolme. Otherwise I'm not sure that you should play more removal. If you want to replace it you should favorise units to be sure to have something to give to ashara. I'm waiting for the next campagne to see if it provides an other early playable berserk to replace the manufacture.
Mavfatha Eternal Version: 1.38
You may be right, though I've been getting demolished lately with or without removal. I keep tinkering with things, especially trying to up the number of ways to give overwhelm as I found that to be very effective on a berserk unit. Definitely struggling right now though. I do like Yeti Sage as another early play that can use its double damage in pretty much the same way as berserk
bouletpr Eternal Version: 1.38
Yes, overwhelm is especially great against tokens. Against control I prefer pummel to find more threats. Depends of the meta :)
Yeti Sage seems to be a good idea. I will probably try it too !
Tonychou Eternal Version: 1.37.4
A question:can rusty grenamotive's skill transmute strandard power?(I think not;haven't tested it yet)
Glad to see someone brew about ashara too( •̀ ω •́ )✧;
bouletpr Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I'm not sure that I understand your question. The grenamotive's skill give you power for the turn. It will not remains for your next turns. You should use it in the current turn or loose it for ever : It's temPOWER ^^. I hope I'm answearing to your question.
Tonychou Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Thanks for answering.
I just notice that criva and ashara have a interesting synergy:ashara will kill criva at end of you turn, but criva will be back from your void to your hand.also flamesatroker seems fine in your deck;I think the main issue of this deck is when your ashara got killed or never be drawn,other units seems too weak in board.
bouletpr Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I already tryed criva in the deck. It's realy fun but obviously realy slow... The current deck should kill in turn 5/6 max. With criva you are more in a midrange aggro/combo. I tried to built one but the result was absoloutly uncompetitive (less than the current version ^^). I guess that the issue might be the same with flamesatroker that I didn't tried yet. Obviously, it's not because I failed to build it that it doesn't works. If you want to create your own version, I would enjoy to see it ! I also will probably try a more spell based deck with kennelmaster ^^.
To win you generally needs either ashara or stonescar. Yes, it's hard to do stuff without at least one of them that survives.
QueenZiga Eternal Version: 1.37.4
I love everything with Ashara, she's my favorite! Played this deck a little, it's interesting and gotta say this is a very nice fresh idea.