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Sentinels Reanimator?

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I'm trying to figure out how to make Emerging Colossus and Stirring Sands work. I don't have the cards to make this yet so I can't test it out. I'm fairly certain the key is to use Emerging Colossus and Invoke the Waystones. This is probably far from something viable competitively, but it's something I want to build in the future.


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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


January 4, 2018


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The Dusk Road

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Fox Eternal Version: 1.27
Little advice from my part. I am basically considering something similar and testing around. but im not as crazy to craft 3 more azurite prixis tho^^. I'd go for Time Primal, since you got the draw discards in here, combined with nightfall and the fact its also an explorer, might even lets you splash fire just for the orb (that thing is just amazing). Get sentinels, maybe even wandering whisps and dawnwalkers in the grave, cast, stirring sand and be happy. Best part, it all seems to fit in a Circo/False prince elysian midrange shell. I will post my list as soon as i convinced myself to craft some more azurite prixis....
Divock Eternal Version: 1.27
Time Primal does seem like an interesting choice, I like the idea of using the Observer a lot though! Hrm...I have to experiment more!
kaveth Eternal Version: 1.27
Tried it, with a few modifications, I dropped novaquake because I don't believe in it. Emerging colossus never connected to the opponent. Shoveler felt lackluster and often ended up turning on opponent's vara's favor where otherwise it would have no targets. Ended up trimming her for 2 seek power 2 ancient lore (as the deck felt like it was falling behind mid game if it didn't go off early enough). Biggest weakness I found is that it has no removal for large critters, I had quite a few games where Rakano pants up their quickdraw dudes to 7/7 and I couldn't do anything about it.

If you have any other ideas on how to make it work feel free to let me know.
Divock Eternal Version: 1.27
The main issue Sentinels.dec has right now is the combination of inability to reload without Shoveler (has to be built around HARD to work) and the absolute lack of way to deal with huge minions without Xenan Initiation, which even then doesn't always work because of the aforementioned Rakano nonsense. I think cutting Novaquake is probably correct, at least. Sadly I still lack the cards to make this work, so I can't test it at all.