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[Top 10] Keep ‘Em Slingin'

Expedition Deck By
WSG (We Stream Games)


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Just hit top 10 with this list to I figured it deserves a write up. With the lack of good primal and fire hits for sling in Expedition, I've been required to bring our old friend time back into the mix. That said, the deck is a far cry from what it was in previous expedition formats. This one instead pulls out some new faces like Monolith Guardian, Alhed, Mount Breaker, and Hermit Gardener. Our old friend Siege Train is in there too. Since any good sling deck needs to be able to function without sling or survive until you're able to draw it, I'll do a run down of what each of the cards in this deck offer in order to help us accomplish that.

One of the most valuable tools in any sling list. Helps stave off aggro or stun aggressive fatties.

Although the 4 cost market in expedition is not nearly where I'd like it to be, the card is still essential most of the time for protecting you from relic destruction, equalize, and exploit.

Amber Lock
Took this card out and put it back in. It seems lack luster on the surface but the deck needs more draw than just Wisdom of the Elders. It's most important job by far though is giving you 4 extra hits in the deck that turn on Monolith Guardian. Nothing feels worse than playing a 4 cost 1/1.

Desert Alchemist
The threat of this unit alone is enough to keep some units at bay and is also valuable removal if you don't have an active sling yet. It also allows us to plunder, which is quite important in a three color deck.

Maveloft Huntress
One of the best cards in the game. It does it all. It's an early chump blocker when you need it, it imbues onto your larger threats to remove opponent's threats in the late game and it also fixes your power.

Vicious Overgrowth
This card is the deck's best answer to The Speaking Circle. If you suspect that you're up against an opponent that is playing it, hang on to this card for as long as you can. Otherwise, it is descent removal in a pinch and can even close out games sometimes with the face damage.

Sling of the Chi
Namesake of the deck. My favorite card. Speaks for itself by now. Protects from transform, pew pews units for 6 and draws a card. We have 16 activators for the damage portion and 8 units for the draw. You may also imbue a huntress onto Hermit Gardener for draw as well.

Wisdom of the Elders
While not as good for the deck as it's Throne counterpart Strategize, this card refills your hand and allows us to dig for Sling, Power, or Units.

Monolith Guardian
Extremely solid 4 drop when activated. This card dodges Send an Agent and Smite which seem to be two of the most prevalent removal cards in the format right now. Just be aware that Send an Agent can hit your Amber Locks and neutralize your buff.

Siege Train
The only overwhelm unit in the deck that activates sling. Applies descent pressure but makes for a terrible blocker. The biggest upside aside from being able to do face damage with sling is that its summon ability provides some versatility. You can load up your little seeds from Hermit Gardener with Ember Furyblades, make chump blockers, or kill some little units while doing face damage.

Alhed, Mount Breaker
MVP with Sling in play. It doesn't get much better than killing a unit and then drawing one to double it in size. If you have the power open, you can even pay four to throw something on top of your deck from your board to guarantee it hits the double stat buff and buff Alhed at the same time. Just be aware that Alhed can be fragile being a single faction unit and will almost always be removal priority number one for your opponent.

Hermit Gardener
Another great unit for this list. Makes valuable chump blockers to help stave off aggro while you stabalize. Playing multiples allows your seeds to become big threats quickly. Seeds will also activate the draw from Sling when they grow.

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3 2 2

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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Awakening [Set1095]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]


March 13, 2021

March 1, 2021


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CakeMashers Eternal Version: 21.03.10
Nice job! This one got me over the hump into masters.