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Mask of Katra

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Built right after patch 1.28.7 to test just how far Lifeforce has been pushed. Is it finally viable with buffs to Lunar Magus, Mask of Torment, Cabal Slasher, and Ayan? This early version seems to hold a lot of potential.

I go over it more in-depth on my video series here


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2 2

Power Sources
17 16 8

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Deck Rarities
20 18 21 7

Card Types
33 3 14 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


February 25, 2018

February 23, 2018


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Gandalf Edited Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Imho, mask is worth it if you're not seeing extreme aggro, the additional power can mean the difference between just playing Katra and playing Katra into Vara's Favor.

Plus the additional wincon of an 8-8 flyer with overwhelm that generates 1-1 blockers every turn if killed, which deal damage to the opponent if they're killed...

Yes, bauble fits well in the deck for sure, but where is not so clear. Probably take out some Cult Aspirant?
drewbagel423 Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Thanks for the list, I've been enjoying it so far. I wasn't able to watch the videos with audio but I see you have Oasis Seeker in the list vs. Reliquary Raider in the video. Which one do you like better?
Does Mask seem like a win-more card? If you can afford to take turn 4 off to play it you're probably in a good spot anyway. Obviously that's a somewhat simplistic view.
And last, have you tried Ancient Bauble for the cheap Lifegain trigger?
Ilyon Eternal Version: 1.29
Sorry I missed this from so long ago. I didn't love Reliquary Raider because it was inconsistent in gaining life, which was actually more important than the card draw. Mask can be win-more, but also gives a lot of reach against midrange and control decks and Ancient Bauble has always felt worse to me than things like Oasis Seeker. It could be worth it, just never loved it myself.