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20 22 17 3

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28 0 22 0 25


July 20, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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Makhai Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I still don't understand way people are deadset on Ayan in this deck, 3 Scorpio Wasps are much better in my opinion. She can't block flyers, her active generally screws you over more than it helps, just hot new leggo syndrome. But it's a really solid good budget list otherwise, expect to see it settle in to the Teir 3 of decks. Xenan Initiation was just what it needed.
FilthyMuggle Eternal Version: 1.22.4
The reason usually you see Ayan is that he is a good 3 drop. Xenan does not have great 3 drops so having a lifesteal ambush card to use for combat tricks is good, in a lifeforce deck he can help get an extra proc, his active can bring back a large beater end game, so why would you not want it? The silence does kinda suck, but bringing back lets say what was a 3/3 becomes a 6/6 which you can then give killer to and use to knock an annoying flyer out end game to help secure a win. He just gives value and it isn't bad whether in opening hand or top decked late game, he is just a good cost effective card to use. At least in my views.
Makhai Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.4
The way I see it, you're trading better ability to clear out a wider variety of threats for life steal because if the deck is working, you'll never need to spend the mana on her active, you'll just bring your things back with killer later. And I don't value the life gain enough to throw away more ways to deal with things like turn 3 titan if I don't draw a killer activator and a spider early enough. Wasp just saves you far more often and gives you more trade-up potential. Ayan can only really trade down in this deck type.

I'm not hating on Ayan, as you said she's a really good Xenan 3 drop, but she's a really good 3 drop for lifeforce decks because she can trade down, proc Katra and get pumped with the board and from ambush that's hard to deal with. We're not using lifeforce activators in this deck, she just dies to SST and gains you 3 life, and this deck is also never one to turn down a deadly unit. Wasp is the better call, IMO. Even if you can't dredge or guide it.
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