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Skycrag Delver

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The Gameplan here is to stick a Vadius, Pump it, defend it and win. Sometimes has the Aggro draw and just wins. This Deck performed very well for me on ladder and carried me to diamond easy. It trades out the worse Aggro Units in Skycrag for a little more Midgame potential and means to refill your hand.

Card Choices:

Sometimes it's worth it to even just permafrost a 2/2 so you can get in with the Yeti, but mostly it's for big blockers and things that you can't outrace.

I tested Oni Rhonin in this Spot, and while it sometimes just wins the game, Pyroknight is way better in a topdeck situation, great with a harpoon and mostly draws out a torch.

Snowcrust Yeti:
Slap a Weapon on this bad boy and go to town. He's a sticky early thread and most of the time lives long enough so he can wear a Morningstar. A Had my opponent Harsh Rule twice just to kill him.

Champion of Fury:
He sometimes just wins the Game on turn two, can get in for lethal and is just the best two Drop for Skycrag.

Kalebs Choice
When you have something with harpoon or a vadius in Play you just need to leave this open. Sometimes Randomly blows out Armory, or Plate and supports your Board against Harsh Rule when you're on the Aggro Plan. I'm thinking of bumping this to four but it just isn't a great topdeck. Backlash is also very good in this slot, but will make us lose against weapons and obelisk.

Ornate Katana
I tested Scepter in this Spot, but it just didn't perform as well, sometimes just a weaker torch, sometimes makes units very hard to deal with, always replaces itself and makes you win races in aggro situations.

Best Card in Skycrag if you ask me. Two for ones most fast Aggro Decks, fucks with early Blockers, breaks Aegis while burning and is sometimes just two to face. Also very Good with Quickdraw Units.

Cloudsnake Harrier.
The Reason it's in the Deck is to draw cards with Harpoon and make Rockslide a disgusting card. I'm not sure about this one, should probably be Thunderbird.

Vadius, Clan father
Bread and Butter of this Deck. Our Delver. he is very strong, Very Sticky and wrecks Board with a Weapon. Be careful to Buff or ult him when he has lost ihis Aegis because it makes him vulnerable to Choice and Vanquish.

Wisdom of the Elders
Sometimes with this Deck we choose not to play a unit to keep up Kaleb's Choice or Removal, this is there to still use the mana efficiently. Can also sometimes be used to hit an important power drop. Has won me a lot of games by just reloading my hand with gas, while my opponent has to two for one himself.

Hunter's Harpoon
Great with Morningstar, Torgov, Champion and Pyro Knight, when put on an Aegis Unit, will allow us to reload and trade efficiently with Midrange and slower Aggro Decks.

Morning Star
This has Overperformed for me, Slap it on an Aegis Unit and just make it unbelievably hard to deal with, great with harpoon too. Only three because it is a bad topdeck.

I'm not sure about Torgov, he's right now probably the worst card in the deck, but he is just so efficient and filters out land heavy draws. Torgov's mostly there to go an top of aggro. He's been underperforming because he's the only unit that we often take a whole turn to cast midgame and he catches a lot of removal. I'm not yet sure what to replace him with. Mybe a split of Thunderbird and Obliterate.

Finisher. Kills SST. Deals with Stuff. Great card.

Soulfire Drake
I'm just testing him right now. His Entomb isn't as good in this deck, but he's still Soulfire Drake.

I'm right now considering Thunderbird, Shoguns Scepter, Borderlands Waykeeper and Trailblaze for this deck


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September 30, 2017


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Brettorious Eternal Version: 1.24
Looks good, you could consider replacing Torgov with Pummel or Rampage, both work really well with quickdraw and the Pummel would allow you to look at the top card of your deck like trailblaze