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1/31 Masters Rank 2 Winchest Warhelm

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Just wanted to share the list I piloted to Rank 2 (currently 4) this month. First of all, all the credit belongs to Magnnarot, as he created the deck and I just tuned it slightly to my liking. I found the deck to have a ton of versatility in how it can win games and the key to success being figuring it which gameplan to take in order to secure the win.

Notes on changes:-I removed the two Auric Interrogators for two more Varas. I didn’t trigger the draw effect enough and dying to torch is not ideal on a 3 drop. I loved the 4 Vara build.

The other change I made was putting a Vanquish in the market instead of Plate. I got 2 for 1’d by Equivocate, Annihilate, etc too often with plate and I rarely wanted to spend 5 power to play it except late game. Vanquish was awesome. Turn 3 Merchant into turn 4 Vanquish your Titan or Vara was a huge swing.

The best card in the deck (and maybe in the meta overall) was the Display. I never was unhappy to see it and deciding when to use it to recur units and when to use it to kill a big opponent’s unit is perhaps the biggest determinant of success with the deck. I even won a handful of games using the “third” effect.

My biggest question mark is probably Vanquisher’s Blade, as it sometimes just ended the game when thrown on something like Tavrod and killing a HOTV, but at other times was a dead card. It’s another hit for Tavrod as well which is important (especially without Interrogator) but hitting on a Tavrod draw doesn’t make or break the deck either. The other card I question is Gavel in the market. It just completely hoses some decks and is great against opposing Display of Ambitions, but far too often I wish it had been anything else-like even a Blinkwolf.

Anyway, I’ve played this deck more or less exclusively in Ranked over the past two weeks and think I’ve gotten pretty good with it. I’m seeing a lot of lines that aren’t obvious right away and doing a nice job figuring out my best plan for winning the game based on matchup and game state once the mid game arrives, which has lead to a lot of victories in games that seemed up for grabs. I’d be happy to answer any questions and again, Magnnarot deserves the credit for the deck. It’s a beast.


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


January 31, 2019


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Jaklbye Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
This deck is the real deal got to masters in about two days after picking this list up
VaeVictis Eternal Version: 1.43
I'm about to test out a more aggressive version of this with 2 Ripknife Assassin in place of the 2 shadow smugglers and 2 Ornate Katana in place of the 2 Vanquisher's Blade. I'm also cutting Gavel for Urn of Choking Embers
Comment Deleted
HotNickelBall Eternal Version: 1.43
Gavel completely nullifies Haunted Highway - That`s probably the only match-up you ever want it.
mikriv Eternal Version: 1.43
So does Urn, but it also stops midrange piles for stonewalling you with one huge unit at a time, unless it's Sandstorm Titan.
241ackerman Eternal Version: 1.43
If you're look to replace Gavel with a more generally playable card but don't want to loose access to some form of void hate I would recommend Statuary Maiden in the slot.
Magnnarot Eternal Version: 1.43
So umm, I just noticed this popped up. Let me try adding some commentary to your questions: The vanquisher's blade can be thrown on either sharpshooter or hojan if you feel like it won't ever hit anything, hojan in special is good for dumping random renown enablers because you are funamentally trading the card for a justice sigil drop that doesn't spend the turn's. Gavel in the market was fundamentally a meta call, I expected to see a lot of vara reanimator in the ETS I brought the deck to, as she had just been buffed and was FOTW, roughly a quarter of the players brought along reanimator decks, but I managed to not run into a SINGLE one of them... it was a bit frustrating.
If you feel like changing the gavel, I'd suggest Urn of Choking Embers if you want something more reactive against HH, other charging decks and aegis in general. Some other good cards to play with your market are: Bandit Queen, Obliterate and Vicious Highwayman. All in all, I have now moved away from the Hidden Road Smuggler and have been making the deck more and more aggressive since its first iteration, but there is plenty of space to experiment with the archetype.
mikriv Eternal Version: 1.43
If you want to get rid of Vanquisher's Blade, then I'd suggest Bloodletter as a replacement. It's a staple in any Tavrod deck, huge lifegain swing and has decently base stats.
VaeVictis Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
It also synergizes with Highland Sharpshooter. In the mid game on 6 mana you can even drop a Bloodletter and Warhelm on her to buff the top creature by +7/+5 plus give it charge, lifesteal and warcry. Or with Red Canyon Smuggler that's 1 turn worth of 5/5 double damage lifesteal.
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.43
But ManuS tells us that 4 Display of Ambition is "absurdly many", therefore your list is incorrect
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.43
Yeah there's a reason that dude stopped playing in tournaments and instead keeps to his streams where he can ban anyone who questions his brilliance.
Strathorn Eternal Version: 1.43
best comment ever