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Budget Even Rakano Armory

Gauntlet Deck By


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This Even Rakano budget deck. Gains card advantage through renown effects upon your units. It's heavy on units and light on spells.

First I'd like to talk about the units. 24 of the units cost 2 power. That helps a go wide strategy. Combined with burst damage hopefully pushing through a win. 8 of the units cost 6 power. They benifit your board position most by having 4 cost renown effects placed on them.

- The draw cards.
Even Golem, Ornate Katana, and Bronze Cuirass. Bronze Cuirass costs a lot. But 16 of your units can make the most of it.

-The kill unit card.
It's just Burn out. That spell can go face though. Pushing through that final 5 points of damage to win. It also can activate renown on 12 of your units. It's a fast spell so a chump blocker to one of your fatties can still get through.

-The 2 cost units.
Evenhand. Pure card draw with a body attached. Axe Sharpener. A 2/3 body that can put all attachments on it back in your hand when it dies. Good for trading with the opponents fatty. Copperhall Porter. A chump blocker that help's keep your power tempo. Master at Arms. This is a flex unit. I like him because he can boost stats, without triggering renown. Oni Forgemaster. She's a weaker Axe Sharpener. Svetyas Faithful. Another flex spot. I can pull him from the top of the deck. He has good stats. 3/3 when onslaught is triggered.

Wincon Units.
DeadEye. He's a poor man's Kaleb Scion. A 5/5 body. JF Influence at 6 power. If you activate his renown with a 4+ cost card. He gives all your units a +1/+1 weapon. Great with a mass attack. Burn Out will trigger it. So you can burst that final damage through. When the AI chumps him with a 1/1.

New Order Wathwing. A JJ influence at 6 power. A 4/4 Flyer body. When renown triggers. Create a Relic Weapon with attack and armor equal to the triggers power cost. A boon to get rid of a pesky unit with Aegis. Or hit the opponent face with it.

The last Attachment. Morningstar. +3/+3 Attachment that gives Overwhelm. A good amount of the time you can trade 3 units for the unit + attachment. Decent card advantage against you opponent. Pairs well with Burnout. It's not unreasonable to push 15 damage face with only 2 or three units on your side.

Power base. My personal brew rule. 27 power. The Crownwatch Standard can save your bacon. It's common to gain at least 8 life. Some times five. If you want to keep more units on board than your opponent.

Enjoy the cheapskate friends. 👍


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Influence Requirements
1 2

Power Sources
10 21 8 4

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24 36 4

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32 12 4 0 27


September 14, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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