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Mage Punch

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Team Rankstar


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Really good counter to all the 3f Xo decks (FJS, FJP, FTP). My Mauls are always dealing 14-18 damage in those matchups.

Remember that Equivocate pops their face aegis so you can get in with Maul.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 1

Power Sources
16 14 8 4

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Deck Rarities
22 29 12 4

Card Types
33 5 16 0 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


March 13, 2019

December 19, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 13, 2019


Zequinn Eternal Version: 1.44
regret crafting this deck, just a mindless useless deck that get stomped if you dont get a perfect draw.
Aetherllama Eternal Version: 1.44
Mindless is a trait of players, not decks. Every time I play Maul, I make top 50 on ladder or elimination stages of a tourney.
Enki Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
I can understand why the addition of a dissociate, but could you please explain the purpose of darkveil agents and snowcrust yetis instead of teachers, creeper and lethrai stalker? Is it an attempt at dealing with early rakanos/skycrag aggro threats?
Aetherllama Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
I just played Maul in the invitational with 4 teachers and they were by far the worst performing card. I knew they were bad beforehand, but they are good in the mirror and I thought I would need to win at least one mirror match to win the tourney. The problem is that teacher almost never connects against the popular decks. If I play darkveil instead and it dies, I still get the nightfall trigger, which is 1 draw and 1 damage, increased to 3 damage once I play Maul. When you play a teacher and it dies, you are usually losing a card and 3 damage compared to getting a nightfall unit killed.
I cut a lethrai darkstalker and added snowcrust yeti to lower the curve. Its a lot better to have 7 1-drops than 4 in a tempo/burn deck. Initiate would be an option if it didn't die so easily. Creeper and darkveil are close, but I think dodging defiance, snowball, vara's favor, and highwayman is better than deadly. You should be removing your opponent's units for the first few turns anyway.
teadrinker Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Thank you very much for this deck! It's super fun, it's fast but not aggro, it's not too complicated and at the same time not too simple. And after all it's good on ladder.
I try brewing myself, but this creativity is just overwhelming. THANKS!
Picasso Eternal Version: 1.42
Omg, I played against this deck in ladder (was rank 200 at the time) and it was super frustrating. I was playing Grixis Control and I got stomped. Would be curious to see how this deck fairs against my main list in a best out of 5 though only because I run so much aegis and that particular hand wasn't great against the line up. Overall, I really like this deck and I'm happy you posted a list. Looking forward to running it on ladder!
StopTakingMyName2 Eternal Version: 1.42
Hiya Llama, what card would you replace Cykalis with if you didn't have him? (some stable legendaries one would have, or rares?) :)
Aetherllama Eternal Version: 1.42
+2 Teleport and +2 Initiate.
StopTakingMyName2 Eternal Version: 1.42
Thank you!
HideoKajima Eternal Version: 1.42
Thanks for this deck. Eazy master
bloodscribe Eternal Version: 1.42
Here's where I'm at with it, found winters grasp underwhelming.
Blackhaven Eternal Version: 1.42
does an incredible job at keeping all the Xo decks, and most control decks, really, in check.
HamAndSwiss Eternal Version: 1.42
Went on a terrible lost streak with this, but I also didnt fave any of the deck you mentioned this was designed to counter. Would you say the winrate is pretty poor against aggro/recursion decks, because that's all I faced and I'm trying to decide if that was just bad MU's or bad plays. I find my opponents can play cards out fast enough that my mauls only hit for around 10, and I cant chip them down to 10 along the way
Aetherllama Eternal Version: 1.42
Aggro is a bad matchup, usually only winnable if you go first or they have a bad draw.
Unpingo Eternal Version: 1.42
Really nice deck i got master with this one, thanks :D
oldrich Eternal Version: 1.42
What an amazing deck! Been a long time since I've had so much fun playing Eternal, this deck feels really fresh with the added perk of being competitive. Thank you!
RentalHonda23 Eternal Version: 1.42
I wish there was a way to incorporate factory quota into this deck, if I get terrible terrible hands, life leech units swing in favor of the opponent.
Guilty80 Eternal Version: 1.42
Why using Cykalis, the Burning Sand thought ?
Bellanfear Eternal Version: 1.42
It's a particularly nice finisher when your opponent has an Aegis to block Maul.
Aetherllama Eternal Version: 1.42
Great card, reliable 5 damage. Fits well in a burn deck.
ETrex4240 Eternal Version: 1.42
This deck is awesome in testing so far on ladder! I have put in Unraveling Fanatic in place of Lethrai Darkstalker and 1 Nocturnal Creeper. So far Fanatic has been a total blowout if it flips and even if it doesn't flip you're ahead on cards, they have wasted removal on a 1/1, and your Maul just add 2-4 damage.
Aetherllama Eternal Version: 1.42
It looks like a fun card, but the nightfall cards are more competitive. If my opponent kills it, then nobody draws any extra cards or takes extra damage. Nightfall units are guaranteed to draw each player a card, they have much better bodies, and they have synergy with Winter's Grasp and Lunar Magus. Fanatic is also very weak to Highwayman and Valkyrie Enforcer.