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Elysian Fliers (Spire)

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Just a more mid-rangey fliers deck using new spire cards. Also I really like the Invoke mechanic, so this deck basically exists because Highsky Lookout is fun and viable. Rolling Spikeback adds further to this synergy of card generation to keep you rolling bodies to the board, and it's aegis performs very well in expedition. What's also nice is how Invoke can help you fish for tech like how in some matchups counter spell is clutch but in others it would lose you games if you had it in your deck. The Throne Room this card is super strong when combined with fliers of course, easily more strong than Majestic Skies since Majestic Skies requires luck that you drew enough fliers whereas The Throne Room gives face aegis and only need 1 flier on the board. Again this deck is more about mid-range and less aggro/token than the original aggro flier list.

Acquisitive Crow I love this card but it seems to be the least useful and too heavy on 3 drops. It does synergize well with Throne Room in theory, but it gets removed too often and is 3 in cost so doesn't really play fast enough to get played before Throne Room.

Rain of Frogs - This is a really important card for this deck. I wasn't able to fit in a strong finisher or any kind of OP 5-6 drop to curve into. It just didn't work well, in part because this deck is more like a mono primal and that leaves out a lot of the stronger Time cards. So, that's where Rain of Frogs comes in. The win conditions for this deck are already built around fliers, Throne Room, and card generation to give it enough steam to keep the tempo going. What at deck like this struggles with are: (1) Board clears Ageworn Vestige and (2) juicy enemy win conditions like Eremot's Machinations. It's far far lower power cost, deck design space to just delete those big cards from the enemy deck than to try to force in a bunch of sub-par costlier units to out win such big plays. Plus this fits nicely into also using Turn to Seed as a way to drain an opponents deck so that you don't fall behind a greedier deck's endgame.

Should probably also include 1-5 cost cards cards in the market in general for when Highsky Lookout or Acquisitve Crow generates market cards is able to get transpose. Although there is a slight drawback as there is mono shadow decks are popular and there is the almost equal or higher chance that Damara, Deft Saboteur will take them and use them against you.

Sodi's Spellshaper - Not sure about this card, the Equivocate spellcraft is probably the main reason to keep it, as it never lasts for more than 1 turn (ie: never gets more than 1 card draw unless you combine it with a Berserk flier, but there aer better berserk flier combos like Uleo and The Throne Room). And card draw isn't needed due to all the card and token generation so plenty of steam in this. Might want to cut this for more fliers.

TODO: Probably should put more Yeti Gryffyn Riders in. Sure it can get removed easy but it's only 2 Power in cost so the tempo loss isn't that bad. It probably wins more games than it loses so worth the risk. May also want to put another 1 drop flier in to account for that, the key with this deck is to have at least 1 flier on the board to work with TTR, Highsky Lookout, Uelo and Sodi's Spellshaper.

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1 2

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13 20 8

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5 22 30 6

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29 13 8 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


May 12, 2020

May 6, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 9, 2020



Raven333 Eternal Version: 20.05.12
Made it to Masters with this list today, just an FYI if anyone is curious if it's expedition/meta viable. Not saying it's a upper tier net-deck but it is pilot-able at minimum.